How to Politely Say Kids Are Not Allowed at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a special day full of love, happiness, and details that you and your partner decided on. One crucial choice that a lot of couples make is having a kid-free wedding, making it an exclusive adults-only gala so that the grownups can let their hair down while enjoying the celebration. Now, keep in mind that having a wedding for adults only is a valid and fair choice, but it’s important to tell people in a kind and thoughtful way. Here are some ways to say nicely that children are not welcome at your wedding.

How to Politely Say Kids Are Not Allowed at Your Wedding

Specifically address your invitations by name

When addressing the invitations, be clear about the intended recipients. Address the envelope to the specific adults’ names only, without including “and family.” This helps indicate that the invitation is meant for adults exclusively.

Be sensitive and communicate honestly

Make it clear that your choice has nothing to do with how you feel about kids or their families. Kindly say that you hope that parents will understand and accept your decision, and that you appreciate their presence in your celebration. You can write a brief, heartfelt note and put it in the invitation to explain why you chose this option.

Or you can send the message with a touch of humor

If you’re not comfortable with the option above, you can also add a touch of humor to your invitations about the adults-only policy. “Leave the kids at home; it’s time for grown-up fun!” are words that can get your point across in a friendly way.

Give your guests early notice

Once you decide to have an adults-only wedding, let your guests know as soon as possible. Sending Save the Date cards with a note that the event is for adults only gives families time to make the appropriate plans and necessary arrangements beforehand.

Make no exceptions

To avoid confusion, make sure that the “no kids” rule applies to everyone the same way. If you make an exception for some families, it could hurt their feelings and make things awkward.

Have a FAQs section on your wedding website that explains your choice

If you have a website for your wedding, have a frequently asked questions section where you can answer the most common questions people have about the event. Include a question about whether or not children will be there, and explain your decision in a warm and courteous manner.

Be patient and understanding

Some guests may still RSVP with their kids or ask if they can bring them. Respond to these situations graciously and empathetically. Remind them nicely of your choice and tell them you’re looking forward to celebrating with them even though their kids won’t be able to come.

Remember, communicating an adults-only wedding should be done with grace and understanding. Some of your guests may be disappointed, but most will respect your choice because they know it was made with care. Focus on making sure everyone (you and your partner, above all) has a great time, and your wedding will be an event that your guests will remember and enjoy.

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