Virtual Wedding Etiquette Every Guest Should Keep In Mind

Attending a wedding via video call soon? Although we aren’t leaving the comfort of our homes to join the couple in person, we should still remember that we are attending a solemn and formal event. We all want to maintain that joyful and heartwarming mood especially during a wedding so we should do our part as wedding guests. Here are some etiquette rules we should remember when we are invited to a virtual wedding.

Virtual Wedding Etiquette Every Guest Should Keep In Mind

(Layout) Dress For The Occasion

Working from home does give us an excuse to take a break from wearing business formal, but when attending a wedding online make sure to come in your best attire. A virtual wedding is still as important and celebratory as any other event, and dressing up for it is a sign of respect to the couple. If you’re unsure of the dress code, simply check the invitation or ask the couple. But as a rule of thumb, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Dressing up shows that you’re making an effort for this online wedding to be special and memorable.


(Layout) Don't Share the Video Conference Without Permission

If you’re planning on bringing a plus one, ask for the couple’s permission first. They may want to keep the affair as intimate as possible so they curated a list of people who are closest to them. If you are allowed to bring a plus one, give the couple or the planner a heads up and remember to provide the name of your guest. The planner or person-in-charge will likely have a list of invited guests whom they will be admitting in the conference call. Remember, having an uninvited guest show up at a virtual wedding is just as awkward as if it were in person.

Don’t just share screenshots of the wedding to your own social media while the event is ongoing either. The couple may want to keep the ceremony private or select the photos that they wish to post first.


(Layout) Prepare Your Surroundings 

Choose a tidy and well-lit area in your home as your location. Think of how you’d want your home or space to appear for a business meeting. You wouldn’t want the couple and other wedding guests to see all the clutter in your room. The video call would likely be recorded, too, so your messy room will be documented for life! Clean up your space before attending the event or choose an area you would normally be in for work. Make sure that you are also in a well-lit space. Pick a spot where a good amount of natural light comes in and be sure to face that direction instead of having the light source come from behind you.


(Layout) Mind Your Camera Angle

Apart from a tidy and well-lit space, remember to place your device at an appropriate angle where your entire face can be seen. It would be better to keep it stationary and on top of a flat surface. If you’re using your mobile, try placing it on a stand or a tripod to avoid awkward angles like a closeup of your forehead.


(Layout) Mute Yourself

The meeting host would normally be in-charge of muting everyone, but keep in mind that if you aren’t assigned to deliver a speech, your microphone must remain muted. You wouldn’t want to be the source of disruptive background noise (cars honking from the street, children yelling etc.) or cause distractions by talking when you’re not supposed to. If you’d like to express your well-wishes to the couple or strike up a conversation with the other attendees, use the chat function and just type what you’d like to say.


(Layout) Be Actively Present

Do not attend to other tasks during the wedding. Your emails can wait until after the event. Designate this time for the couple and for celebrating this significant milestone. Commit your full attention to the event, because this will only happen once. The bride and groom will surely appreciate it, too.


(Layout) Be On Time

Guests are encouraged to enter the conference at least 10 to 15 minutes before the actual program starts. Coming in early will allow you to test if your internet connectivity is all good and these extra 15 minutes could be your time to mingle with the couple, too. Being punctual is also a sign of courtesy towards the couple


Always remember that the bride and groom went to great lengths for their wedding to push through. It may not be what we’re used to, but as wedding guests, we can still show our love and support by giving the couple our undivided attention, and having that celebratory mood felt all throughout the event even though it’s online!

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