What Was It like to Be at a Wedding during the Taal Volcano Eruption? Suppliers Share!

The sudden eruption of Taal Volcano yesterday caught both couples and wedding suppliers off guard. While most soon-to-weds pray for no rain on their wedding day, couples who tied the knot yesterday didn’t expect ash to fall from the sky! Wedding suppliers knew that they had to go over and beyond their duty just to make sure that the bride and the groom still had a magical time amidst the chaos. Some wedding suppliers share their unforgettable experience here.

Wedding Suppliers Share with Us Their Experience During the Taal Volcano Eruption

Randolf Evan, Wedding Photographer, Shares His Experience:

Photo: Randolf Evan Photography | Couple: Chino and Kat
Photo: Randolf Evan Photography | Couple: Chino and Kat

“Since the volcano’s steam was very much visible from the start of preparation, it was apparent to us that there was already an unusual activity going on with Taal at the time. The team was actually nervous and was keeping track of the event on social media. We discreetly discussed among ourselves what we should do when worst comes to worst. Nevertheless we still made sure to be professional about it and carry on with our work.”

“Surprisingly the mood throughout the day was calm. It was an intimate wedding so most of the couple’s guests were family and close friends. Funny enough, the smoke from the volcano just kind of like served as an entertaining backdrop changing from white, yellow, pink and finally to grey.”

“We just did our work as usual but the challenge was for us to talk them and help maintain their composure as the situation showed no sign of stopping.”

“Our team as well as the rest of the suppliers was just getting a feel if the couple wanted to postpone or not. They ended up going ahead with everything as we later found out that they have been planning for this day, 8 years and 2 kids in the making. It was going to be a special day for them no matter what, and it definitely was!”


Joan Quizon, Makeup Artist, Talks:

Photo: Joan Quizon Makeup
Photo: Fine Art Indie Photography | Couple: JP and Carmela
Photo: Fine Art Indie Photography | Couple: JP and Carmela
Photo: Fine Art Indie Photography | Couple: JP and Carmela

“It was a sunny day and the only wish of our couple was for it to not rain because they’ll be having a garden wedding at the Aquila place in Tagaytay at 4pm. The couple left Escala around 3:00pm and by that time, Taal’s activity started. After fixing the veil of the bride, we went upstairs to pack our things and suddenly saw Taal erupting! On the way to Aquila, things were getting worst. It began to rain ash, debris, and mud. The first thing on my mind was the bride’s white dress!”

“The bride walked down the aisle before the rain started. By the time she reached the altar, they decided to move the ceremony to the reception area as it was already raining mud. The bride was keeping it all together but then tears started to fall down her face when relatives and friends decided to leave the wedding party early. I felt so bad for the couple. The groom worked abroad for six months just to finance the wedding. I tried to pacify and comfort the bride as much as I could. The wedding continued nonetheless.”


Myio Okamoto, Wedding Photographer, Tells Us About His Story:

Photo: Myio Okamoto Photography | Couple: Romeo and Joan
Photo: Myio Okamoto Photography | Couple: Romeo and Joan

“We felt very nervous but the main goal of the team yesterday was to finish and get the job done. The wedding pushed through though they had to make adjustments to the program. The reception program focused on the wedding traditions and the speeches. They had to cancel the games in order to shorten the program. It was challenging because we had less time to finish the onsite presentation.”

“This is one of the most challenging weddings we ever had because we constantly had to think of our safety while doing our work.   But I’m so proud of the team because we were able to deliver our service to the couple and we were able to go home safely to our families!”


Charisse Tinio of Nice Print Photography Talks About Her Experience: 

Photo: Nice Print Photography | Couple: Evan and Kristine

“The whole team was worried and anxious to get home. We thought of the wedding and at the same time we worried about our families”

“The celebration yesterday pushed through since we were already at Malarayat Golf and Country Club in Lipa,
Batangas. We saw the volcano erupting in the background though it wasn’t very near to where we were.”

“It was by far one of the most unforgettable weddings ever! Something like that could only happen once in a lifetime. I’m glad that everything still turned out for the best for our couple. They still had their dream wedding and everyone was able to get home safely.”

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