A Guide to Being the Best Bridesmaid Ever!

It’s always fun when your friend gets engaged! It’s even more thrilling when you get that oh-so-sweet-question, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”! This means that the couple wants you to take a special part in their testament of love, and that’s actually a big deal! So aside from just having fun during the big day, here are a few things that can guide you to being the most awesome bridesmaid ever, and how you can make your experience fuller and more memorable. For brides who are preparing for their wedding, I suggest you also take the time to go through this article (and even subtly tag your bride tribe)!

A Guide to Being the Best Bridesmaid Ever!


Offer help regularly

Once it’s official and you’ve been asked to be a part of the select ladies with the bridesmaid label, ask how you can help with the wedding preparations. It is very important that the bride knows you are not just in this for that pretty dress and the name! In most cases, brides are shy to ask and say they’ve got everything under control, but more often than not, she really does need help with something. Whether it’s helping with decisions, a small errand, or even coordinating something with the other bridesmaids, your effort to offer a helping hand is not only sweet, but also considered well-mannered.


Follow fitting schedules

One of the most stressful things for a bride is to find out that her entourage hasn’t gone to all their fittings on time. This is real talk, girls! When you don’t make time for fittings, your dresses will get delayed, and that definitely will stress out both the designer and the bride. Should you have emergencies that will require you to miss a fitting day, schedule one immediately near the date missed.


Ask how the bride is doing

Apart from tasks or errands, you can also check in with your friend for deeper and more personal matters. Wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming. Having a familiar face and a friend to lean on emotionally is a huge help. And if the bride feels like she needs a break from all the planning, offer your company for some relaxing time.


Plan something extra special for the bride

Bridesmaids usually come up with the pre-wedding activities for the bride such as the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Make an effort in throwing something that fits the bride’s personality. It can be a fun bachelorette abroad, a wine tasting class in the city, or just a nice dinner. Whatever it is, the important thing is that everyone has fun!


Don't be a diva or be a picky or make it about you

Here’s the deal. Not everything may go smoothly. For example, it is possible you won’t like the color or style of your dress. So what now? The thing is, you should respect the bride or the couple for making certain choices. Ranting about things you don’t like can be stressful for the couple and the entire entourage. The happier and more positive you are, the more it helps the bride to calm her nerves. So chill, enjoy, and make most out of the moment.


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