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Wedding stationery is one of the most important yet underestimated elements in the early stages of wedding planning. It encompasses the wedding’s theme, colors, and flavor, giving your guests a taste of what your wedding will be like. Let’s not forget those thank-you notes you have to send after the wedding as well! Picking your invitation design can be a little bit nerve-wracking!

Basic Invite is an online service that can help you envision your dream wedding stationery in a snap. Having almost unlimited colors under their belt, you can be sure to capture the exact look you want. They also have live previews and over 200 wedding invitation sets for all the mix and matching possibilities!

Here are some save the date cards you can make with Basic Invite. For these, you’d want to keep it simple yet impactful for your guests. It’s one card containing the couple’s names and date and general location of the wedding.

You want to be able to send this at least four to six months before your wedding, or if it’s a destination wedding, then six to eight months is the ideal.

Cards like these are nice for variety! The colors can actually represent your color palette already.

If you’re planning a wedding with lots of flowers in it, or you’re going for a garden wedding, then this would be a good option.

Once you have the save the date cards figured out, you can proceed to plan your wedding invitation suite! There are lots of kinds of invites, so you have to really study which one you want to have, as well as the info you want to include.

Wedding invitations are typically sent six to eight weeks before the wedding, or at least three months before if it’s going to be a destination wedding.

You can go ahead and include a lot of cards in your wedding as long as it keeps up with your style and theme. Here’s an example.

Or if you’re feeling very minimalist, you can even opt for a one-page invite like this one.

Overall, you have to be set with your wedding’s look so that your invites don’t feel out of place. Once you have that locked down, you’ll be able to decide more freely about the look of your wedding stationery! If you need inspiration, just go through these weddings to fill up your tank. Enjoy your Thursday, loves!

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