7 Questions Wedding Guests Have Always Wanted to Ask About Attending Weddings

Going to weddings is always exciting! While each and every wedding is different and unique, there are certain etiquette tips for guests to follow to help you become the most lovable wedding guest. Of course, if you’re new to weddings or have only been to a few, there are questions that you will always wonder about. How long should I stay? Can I bring a plus one? How late can I confirm my attendance? For today, we’ve rounded up some of the most common questions that go through a guest’s mind when they’re about to attend a wedding!


Can I wear a color that isn’t in the palette suggested by the couple?

It’s always best to stick to the hues and shades that are closer to the colors the couple suggested. For example, if they include blue in their color palette for guests, then explore lighter and darker shades of the blue they suggested! You wouldn’t want to wear a completely different color and stick out like a sore thumb.


When is the latest I can send my RSVP?

Make things easier for your friend or family member who’s getting married, and let them know as soon as possible! A lot of the decisions they have to make will depend on the headcount. So instead of thinking about the latest time you can confirm, think about how early you can let them know.


Is it better to give cash as a gift? 

If the couple requests for it, then yes. But, it will always depend on what they need! Make sure it’s appropriate and fitting to their circumstances and situation. For example, if it’s a destination wedding then you might not want to get them home appliances because it’ll be difficult for them to bring home.


Can I ask to bring a plus one even if the invite says there’s only one seat allotted for me?

Truthfully, it never hurts to ask, but no expectations! Try to be considerate of the couple if they refuse because it’s their special day!


Can I post pictures on social media before the wedding ceremony starts?

Since everybody is on social media nowadays, it’s normal. However, if the couple specifically requests that nobody posts before their instruction to do so, then you should honor that as their guest.


When is the appropriate time to leave?

Of course, it would mean a lot to the couple for you to stay the entire time, but the most appropriate time to leave would be when the formal program finishes.


How much should the gift cost?

The safest answer is to get them something from their registry. The most important thing to keep in mind when buying wedding gifts is that it should be something they need and will use in their new journey together.


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