Here’s a List of Bridal Shower Activities You and Your Entourage Will Enjoy!

Apart from celebrating your last few days and weeks as a Miss, the bridal shower is always a fun way for your friends and entourage members to bond and get to know each other before the actual wedding day. Beyond playing party games and going out for dinner and drinks, we rounded up a list […]

Details to Love About Alex Gonzaga’s Bright and Sunny Bridal Shower!

Alex Gonzaga and now husband Mikee Morada announced over the weekend that they got married in November 2020! Now, we find ourselves backtracking the sequence of events that led to their intimate “I Do’s” to give you a sneak peek of all things nice starting from Alex’s bridal shower! Hosted by her sister, Toni Gonzaga, […]

The Look




Create the Prettiest Bridal Shower Spread with These Delectable Desserts!

It might take some professional help to put pieces together and create a tablescape, but when the pieces themselves, in this case desserts, are already works of art, you can certainly D.I.Y.! Planning celebrations at home in the past months has surely brought out the dessert connoisseur in most of us, but it also can’t […]

7 Fun and Unconventional Bridal Shower Ideas for the Unique Bride

If you’re looking for different ways to plan your bridal shower, then you’ve come to the right place! We already listed down a part 1 and part 2 of this, but we’ll just keep coming with even more ideas for you! From cocktail mixing classes to volunteering for charity, we listed down several unique and […]

A Timeline of Pre-Wedding Festivities Leading Up to Your Wedding

If you’re thinking that the wedding is the only event you’ll be attending, we’ve got a surprise for you! Yes, your wedding day will be the biggest event of them all, but there are still other parties and occasions that lead up to your big day. According to Filipino (and a bit of American) tradition, […]