7 Fun and Unconventional Bridal Shower Ideas for the Unique Bride

If you’re looking for different ways to plan your bridal shower, then you’ve come to the right place! We already listed down a part 1 and part 2 of this, but we’ll just keep coming with even more ideas for you! From cocktail mixing classes to volunteering for charity, we listed down several unique and unconventional ideas to help you throw the bridal shower of the year. So, you better start scrolling, and have fun planning!


1. Learn how to mix a cocktail

An alternative to a night out drinking with your best gal pals is learning how to make the drinks yourselves! It will be a fun and exciting bonding experience as you enjoy your favorite signature cocktails.


2. Attend a dance class 

If you and your friends enjoy dancing, then taking a dance class is also a wonderful idea for a bridal shower. Plus, it’s a skill they can definitely use on the wedding day and can count as exercise too!


3. Plan a movie marathon

If the bride doesn’t like going out so much, a movie night shower dedicated to all of the cult classics is the way to go! You can watch everything from rom-coms like the “The Wedding Singer” to musicals like “Mama Mia”!


4. Make flower arrangements

For the artsy bride, a day of flower arrangements might be the best idea. Besides, bonding with your girlfriends over the smell of flowers sounds like a good plan to me. P.S. – If you’re planning on D.I.Y.-ing some of the bouquets too, then this skill might come in handy!


5. Take a pottery class 

For brides who like to get their hands dirty, a pottery class shower is a great option too. It’s a good creative outlet, and is also said to be therapeutic and relaxing.


6. Volunteer for charity 

This one’s for brides who love animal rescue missions, fundraising activities, and volunteer work. You can turn the bridal shower into a gift-giving activity that can be done for and with the community too!


7. Have a beach party

What’s better than spending a weekend on the beach to wash the stress of wedding planning away? I’d say nothing! So, go ahead and tell your bride and her tribe to pack their bags for a refreshing getaway. It doesn’t even have to be a beach far from the metro! Some of the coolest beach destinations, like La Union and Quezon, are just a few hours away!


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