Should I Have an Intimate Wedding or a Grand Wedding?

Wedding planning usually begins with the question, “How many should we invite?”. The sooner you decide on the number of guests to accommodate, the better you’ll be able to make the other important decisions–such as where to hold the wedding reception and if it’s within your budget.

Today, we listed down some of the perks of having either a grand or intimate wedding and we hope this can help you figure out the direction you want to go for. And to guide you even further, we’re tipping you off on one of the newest sophisticated venues you should include in your list of options, no matter the size of the wedding party you’ll decide on having.

Should I have an intimate or grand wedding?

BIG: You don't have to stress over the guest list. When you opt for a bigger wedding, you can stop worrying about trimming down your guest list. You can invite your friends from work, college, and all your family members and relative. The more the merrier! SMALL: You can focus on what you really want. Since a small wedding can be friendlier on your budget, you get to splurge more on what is most important to you. If you want to spend more to book your dream caterer, then you get to enjoy more flexibility when you opt for an intimate wedding reception!

Whether you want a grand or intimate wedding, good food matters! Marquis Events Place’s culinary team offers a wide selection of international and local cuisines. The Executive Chef can even have a sit-down with you and your partner to create and collaborate on a special menu—their food is reallly good, by the way!


BIG: Have fun on the dance floor with a huge party! There's always an exciting energy in large weddings. The atmosphere put everyone in a party mood and allows everyone to let loose! A bigger guest list most times translate to a fuller dance floor, so if that's what you're looking for, a big wedding might be the right fit for you. SMALL: Enjoy more quality time with your guests. If getting one-on-one time with your guests is your priority, then a small wedding will surely let you have that. Given that you have fewer guests, you'll be able to engage more meaningfully and memorably with everyone.

If you have guests coming from all over the metro, Marquis Events Place in Bonifacio Global City is very accessible!


BIG: Calm your wedding jitters with a crowd. If you're more of a people person, you'll feel happier being surrounded by all of your loved ones. Your wedding jitters will melt away while your friends and family cheer you on on your special day! SMALL: You can avoid getting overwhelmed. On the other hand, if having a big number of guests to entertain can get you nervous, avoid the overwhelming feeling of a large crowd by going for an intimate wedding. Having fewer people might make a smoother and less nerve-wracking reception for you.

Whether it’s being overwhelmed or having a bit of wedding jitters, those feelings will melt away once you see your venue transformed into your dream wedding reception. The elegant interiors of Marquis can match any theme. Guests will surely be impressed with how beautiful your wedding is!


BIG: Conveniently transition your grand wedding reception to a smaller party. After having a large wedding party, you might want to end this special night with your intimate circle of friends and family. There is nothing quite like you and your loved ones having the space all to yourselves to cap off your wedding night. SMALL: Easily transition your intimate reception into a larger afterparty. Once wedding day duties are over, you might want to have a huge afterparty with the ones who were unable to make it to the ceremony. The more, the merrier party for you!

What are the best reasons in having a wedding reception at Marquis? Besides the expansive ballroom that can house a thousand guests, you can get creative with the way you design your layout based on your unique program and divide your event in various sections that your guests will have fun exploring. All these being topped with service from a first rate culinary team that consistently receives rave reviews—ensuring your guests are happily served with the most appetising creations amidst inspired spaces.


No matter what size you want your wedding to be, Marquis Events Place is a great venue that’s suitable for both large and small weddings. From having sit-down sessions with the chef to customizing the various sections of the ballroom, Marquis Events Place is more than ready to make your wedding stylish, classy, and memorable!


Bridal Shower Giveaway! Marquis Events Place in BGC is giving away a fabulously set up and meticulously catered Bridal Shower for 15 pax as a pre-wedding gift when you book the MArquis Premium Wedding Package on or before November 30, 2018.

For more information, you may contact them at +63(2) 663-7487 / +63(2) 663-7438 / +63(2) 663-7451, visit their website, or engage them at the Ground Floor, Marquis Building Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City 1634 Taguig.


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