So You Were Asked to Be a Bridesmaid. Now What?

You’ve just been asked to be a bridesmaid! Ahhh! But now that you’re coming down from the just-asked-to-be-part-of-the-entourage high, you’re hitting up Google like crazy to figure out just what you’ll be doing. But don’t worry ladies, we’ve got your back. Ready to start your bridesmaid journey? Scroll down to find out!


1. Provide emotional support.

This is the deal breaker ladies. If you don’t do anything else as a bridesmaid, it’s okay, as long as you are there for her during the wedding planning, preparations, and of course, on the day itself. Whether it’s cheering her on as she tries multiple dresses, hearing her out as she rants over something, or crying with her as the day nears, being there for her is a MUST. Even if you’re there just for the big day, then being there to hold the bride’s dress when she needs to pee, wiping her tears, providing a glass of water, or listening to her crazy laughter is all you have to do.


2. Help plan the festivities.

Ahhh, who doesn’t like a good party, right? The bridal shower, bachelorette party, and whatever else the bride might assign to you, you are in charge of helping out the Maid of Honor plan the parties. So don’t let her down!


3. Lend a hand in the other wedding-related tasks.

It’s not just the party planning you’ll be doing, but whatever the bride needs assistance with. (If she declares that everything’s okay, you can always offer your help as a sign that you’re willing to help out.) If the bride is D.I.Y.-ing a lot of things, lend a helping hand, and turn it into a bonding moment too! During the wedding day itself you might be expected to do a few things like talk to suppliers and guests, check if everything is okay, etc.


4. Give advice (when asked for).

There will be times when the bride will ask for your advice on certain things, be it her dress, the favors, the program, the music, etc. While it’s always best to be honest and give your opinion and advice, just make sure you don’t go handing out unsolicited advice. The last thing you want to do is ruffle the feathers of the bride-to-be. (And if you’re wondering whether that means making some comments on your bridesmaid dress, we suggest just taking a deep breath and allowing the bride to be happy with her choices.)


5. Attend the events.

Yes, plural. Ladies, you didn’t think the wedding was the only event you’d be attending, right? Of course not! There’s the despedida de soltera, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, and more depending on the couple. Unless factors like distance, other obligations, etc. come in the way, being a bridesmaid means being present in most events (and of course help out the bride during the the festivities if she needs it).


6. Take care of getting your look together.

The age-old question of who pays for the dress, the hair, and the makeup. Well, this actually depends on the bride. Some brides will literally take care of everything from the fitting and design of your dress, to your hair and makeup. Other brides will politely ask you to get your own dress, and hair and makeup done. Either way, try not to expect anything from the get-go. The important thing is to make sure you look every bit of the bridesmaid the bride dreams you to be.


7. Party on the dance floor.

As part of the bride tribe, you have to be the first people to take initiative especially during the reception. If there are games, you’ll be the first to volunteer. If there’s a DJ intent on having a dance party, you and the rest of the entourage should be the ones dancing the hardest (yes, even if you don’t dance–what you’ll do for friendship, right?) and encouraging other people to join in on the fun.


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