Create the Prettiest Bridal Shower Spread with These Delectable Desserts!

It might take some professional help to put pieces together and create a tablescape, but when the pieces themselves, in this case desserts, are already works of art, you can certainly D.I.Y.! Planning celebrations at home in the past months has surely brought out the dessert connoisseur in most of us, but it also can’t hurt to add some variety to the rotation. If you’re planning a bridal shower and looking to impress the creatives and the sweet tooth’s alike, an aesthetic display of scrumptious sweets is the way to go. For your shopping convenience, we’ve listed the crowd-favorites when it comes to sweet treats as well as the online shops you can order them from. In case anyone is worried about fitting into their gowns for the big day, just let them know that by some magic, bridal shower calories don’t count!

Create the Prettiest Bridal Shower Spread with These Delectable Desserts!

Flower Cakes & Cupcakes

Floral cakes and cupcakes are easily one of the prettiest dessert trends. The creativity in creating such realistic colors for the icing is already impressive, but the attention to detail necessary when piping the intricate flowers is beyond amazing! Bakers often offer a selection of flavors to choose from, but when it comes to the types of flowers to be frosted, the possibilities are almost endless. You can choose between classic circular cakes, cupcakes, or uniquely shaped cakes depending on what would best complement the rest of the spread.


Doughmestic Custom Floral Cake

Photo from @doughmesticph


Baker P Custom Floral Cupcakes

Photo from @bakerp_


Cakes by Bam Custom Pull-apart Floral Cupcakes

Photo from @customcakesbybam


Tres Leches

This one is for all the dairy lovers out there! Traditionally a sponge cake soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream, bakers have gotten creative with their recipes of this already heavenly dessert. If the moist cake is not enough to get your mouth watering, the contrast in flavors when topped with berries will do the trick! Do consider the temperature where you will be displaying the desserts. Due to its heavy cream topping, this may have to be brought out straight from the chiller and returned immediately after everyone has gotten their share.


Cloudé Signature Strawberry Tres Leches

Photo from @thecloudeconcept


Cru Kitchen Tres Leches with Berries

Photo from @crukitchen


Milk Run Cereal Milk Tres Leches

Photo from @milkrun_ph


French Macarons

There is no need to go for a full on French or Parisian theme to include these delicate beauties in your display. Macarons are great because of their flexibility—you can match their colors to your theme and choose from a variety of flavors to satisfy each person’s palette. You may also opt to place them on a dessert tower to add height to your spread or order macaron boxes for easy packing as giveaways.


Macarose Macarons

Photo from @iammacarose


Bizu Macarons

Photo from @bizuph


Chère Joie Macarons

Photo from @dearjoypastry


Dessert Breads

While savoury breads are a popular comfort food, their sweeter counterparts can be just as satisfying! The method to frying or baking the dough is pretty straightforward, but what makes them truly stand out are the luscious fillings and toppings. From rising to piping, making these sweets require patience and technique, which makes the hassle-free online ordering system all the more tempting. Be sure to order bread-based desserts freshly made for maximum softness.


Bungalow Café & Bakery Assorted Donuts

Photo from @bungalowcafe


The Sweet Life by Ange Strawberry Cinns 

Photo from @thesweetlifebyange


L’éclair de Nova Chocolate Eclairs

Photo from @leclairdenovaph


Chocolate Truffles

They say chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins, or the “feel good” hormone, so a treat with chocolate as the main ingredient definitely had to be included in this list. Truffles are a spherical shaped chocolate with a rich ganache center and are traditionally coated in cocoa powder. Modern takes on this indulgent classic include coating the chocolate in nuts for texture and incorporating unique flavors in the filling. Be sure to allocate more than one piece per person because guests are sure to sneak a taste again and again!


Naked Patisserie Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles

Photo from @nakedpatisserie


Alchemy by Meryl Chocolate Truffles

Photo from @alchemybymeryl


Risa Chocolates Lovey Dovey Truffles

Photo from @risachocolates


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