Hang Loose

Aloha! I guess that’s a clue on how today’s wedding will look like. And because the skies are looking a bit gray today, we figured you’d want a little color to brighten up your morning. You might think that this wedding was shot in Hawaii. Apparently, it’s not! A hawaiian-themed wedding, set in Los Angeles, with a couple of two different nationalities, and an amazing Filipino photographer to capture it all. Talk about international! As they say, love has no preferred color anyway. Hang loose!

Photography: Pat Dy

Historical Charm

It seems like we are having an overflow of engagement shoots this week at B&B! But who’s counting anyway? Besides, we can never get enough of love. So here’s our engagement feature of the day: vintage charm meets local history. Old is definitely not boring. I’m loving the bricks, old washed-out walls and the mix of greenery along the way. Glenn and Jen’s personalities radiated in this fun and relaxed theme.

This is my most favorite shot in the set. Its all about the details: old brick walls, a vintage print on the dress, and the cute old-school luggage.

Accessories can make or break a shot. This one makes it! Key elements: suspenders, beret, and a cute classic dress & detailed hairpiece.

Photography: Noel Salazar of Imagine Nation / Location: Intramuros, Manila

The Look




Three’s Not a Crowd

The fun thing about engagement shoots is that you can choose to be anyone you want to be. It’s like theater in some way or another. Sometimes couples choose a theme that reflects who they are, while some take it as an opportunity to wow others by doing something that is totally out of character. Either way, it can be an amazing experience. Here’s Ariel and Ichie’s e-session with Marvin Dungao. Having three totally different looks (they actually had more, I just chose my faves!), they definitely are an adventurous pair.

Look 1: ” The Korean Love Story ” Look

Look 2: “The Quirky Plaids and Eyeglasses” Look

Look 3: “The Lost in Japan” Look

Photography: Marvin Dungao of The 12 Masters Photography

Oh Oh Oslo!

Bride and Breakfast has featured weddings in different parts of the world. Today we welcome another new destination: Norway! Although this wedding may be miles away from us, it still reflects the Filipino home. Amazing infrastructure speaks of the history and beauty of Oslo, Norway, while our gorgeous couple themselves rocked their outfits.

This is what you call ridin’ in style!

Joy’s gown is absolutely beautiful. It is a mix of traditional and modern without compromising elegance and style. I must also say this is my favorite shot taken by homegrown photographer Paul Vincent. Oh so pretty!

Their videographer, also from the Philippines, shares about his experience with the couple:

I met Jens & Joy when they went home in the Philippines last December 2009. We did an E-session and save-the-date video for them which gave them an idea to fly me to Norway to document their wedding. Everything was in passing. Nothing was confirmed, I thought it was just an idea. Until the day before we have to fly and a ticket was bought for us. I was overwhelmed by the thought of going out of Asia to do a wedding video. Yes, it was my first time to cover a wedding out of the country and alone at that.

Jens & Joy made sure we’re comfortable, and that we had our daily dose of fresh Norwegian Salmon. Talk about Filipino hospitality! Their family & friends gave us a hearty warm welcome that I almost forgot I was in Norway.

I admit that I easily get carried away by dramas. Movies sometimes make me cry. When I heard their vows to each other I can’t help but get my eyes misty again. And, they had a very solemn ceremony which was celebrated by a Filipino priest.

The wedding reception took place until the wee hours of the night. And the partying and the booty shakin’ lasted till the morn which was energized by a sushi buffet.

It was an experience that I wont forget ever. Gaining new friends & a European summer encounter though brief is something that I would tag as “priceless”.

Photography: Paul Vincent / Videography: Chug Cadiogan / Coordinator: Erika Bergara of Detalye / Gown: Edwin Tan

Boy Meets Girl

Let’s start our Bride and Breakfast week with a sweet-like-candy photo shoot. Done all the way in Los Angeles California, Nelwin Uy, a household name in wedding photography, brings us his work (which never fails to leave us smitten). I found myself staring at the set of photos trying to find the best word to describe it. Then came my mini-eureka revelation. This engagement shoot is everything SINCERE. It is natural, effortless and real. With a splash here and there of tasteful quirky cuteness, Andrew and Angelie’s photos give a pretty-girl-falls-for-boy-next-door vibe.

Top love for this shoot: the impeccably simple, but stylish wardrobe. Loving Andrew’s knitted cardigan look and Angelie’s adorable necklaces.

Photography: Nelwin Uy