Passion Cooks Head Chef Laura Martinez Elevates Familiar Flavors with Exciting Twists for Your Wedding Menu

If you’re in the thick of wedding planning, thoughts of what food your guests will enjoy must have already crossed your mind (more times than you could count). Naturally, in any celebration, the food is highly anticipated – from how it tastes, how it looks, and how it is served. Quite simply, you want food that will make you and your wedding guests happy!

So, how about serving food that is exciting yet familiar at the same time? Can you imagine the sinigang turning into a salad? Or laing becoming tempura? Familiar dishes transform into creative and exciting menu items, worthy of your wedding, all thanks to the expertise of Passion Cooks Head Chef Laura Martinez! We talked to Chef Laura to find out what Passion Cooks’ secret ingredients are in developing menus that will not only delight your palate, but will leave a warm and lasting impression in your minds, hearts, and taste buds.

If good food is your non-negotiable, keep on reading.

Passion Cooks Head Chef Laura Martinez Elevates Familiar Flavors with Exciting Twists for Your Wedding Menu

Familiar Flavors and Dishes That Started at Home
Before Passion Cooks was born, Chef Laura simply had the desire to cook delicious meals for her family. She started to learn how to cook complex dishes after marrying her husband, Louie, 45 years ago. “Then we had five children, and from the time when my children were still young, I would always cook delicious baon for them,” shares Chef Laura. “We also loved inviting friends at home, and I would be challenged to serve them delicious dishes that they will enjoy.”

Chef Laura Martinez, Passion Cooks Head Chef

Chef Laura pursued her dream of having a food business by starting small, fulfilling food orders from friends and family, managing a humble canteen, and a bakery. Then, when her daughter Maja was in college, Chef Laura would make a thousand yema balls for her to sell. “My daughter, Maja, would carry the yema balls in her luggage to sell to her classmates,” Chef Laura fondly recalls. “When she started working, she sold gourmet sandwiches, which I would make in the wee hours of the morning.”

The dishes I curated and served to my children were the first few dishes we served for our food order or catering business. My recipes of Chocolate Lazy Cake, Chicken and Ham Crepe, among others." - Chef Laura Martinez, Passion Cooks

In 2006, they finally faced their biggest undertaking – catering for events, and yes, weddings. It was through Maja’s will to make her Mom’s dream of running a food business come true that they became even more determined to share their dishes with people on a bigger scale.”Maja asked me to list down all my specialties. She created flyers which she placed on car windshields. From then, nakakakuha na siya ng inquiries through word of mouth as well, kasi natikman na ng mga tao ang mga niluluto ko,” says Chef Laura.

Beyond our big family of seven is an even bigger family. Our family at Passion Cooks.

New Menu Items, Bolder Flavors, a Mix of Class and Comfort
In their continuous pursuit to keep serving dishes that will make every couple’s wedding menu memorable, impressive, and simply delicious, Chef Laura has come up with brand new dishes that offer exciting twists and a sophisticated flair on familiar flavors.

Crispy Shrimp Tostada:
Sweet and spicy shrimp, creamy lettuce in crunchy tortilla cups topped with cashew nuts
Laing Tempura:
Coconut forward-simmered taro leaves in soft crispy batter
Grilled Prawns Sinigang Salad:
Lettuce cups with sour sinigang dressing, grilled prawns
Pan-Fried Cobbler, Nori Butter, Miso Potatoes, Spiced Snow Peas:
Pan-fried fish packed with Japanese flavors, served with umami-rich nori butter, savory miso
potatoes, and spiced snow peas
Beef Stroganoff:
Flavorful pasta with pan-fried beef with mushrooms, rich-tasting heavy cream sauce
Amalfi Pasta:
Italian-inspired pasta dish, tossed with light sauce made from anchovies, cherry tomatoes,  fresh basil,  and aromatics; served with tomato-cream sauce
Arroz Arancini:
Chicken arroz caldo balls, dredged and fried, topped with calamansi aioli, cured salmon

A tip from Chef Laura: </strong>Have a good mix of flavors for your wedding menu. Choose a dry dish then balance it with something more saucy. Don't be afraid of extraordinary flavors as long as you enjoy the taste!

Non-Stop Learning and Innovation
Even after all these years of catering and gracing weddings with their creative, sumptuous dishes, and elegant styling expertise, Chef Laura acknowledges the fact that learning and improving are continuous processes. “Gusto ko iyon eh, yung nacha-challenge ako! The same is true with all that we do at Passion Cooks. To revisit our old dishes and further improve and curate new ones, we partnered with Chef Natalia Moran, who was our partner in the first installment of The Blue Leaf’s Who’s Cooking Event,” says Chef Laura. “We continue to do research and development and I am very hands on with that.”

 "Since my children are artists, they draw and create beautiful things, I was challenged to level up the presentation and plating of our dishes to bring delight to the hearts of those who will try our food," Chef Laura Martinez, Passion Cooks

With Passion Cooks’ dedication to improve and innovate comes efforts to offer something fresh and exciting. Their leveling-up carries over to how they present the Passion Cooks brand. Their logo’s updated look with warmer colors of terracotta, oranges, and browns signify feelings of home and comfort and at the same time passion and joy. But the upgrades that couples will be delighted by, most of all, are the elevated menu items, food presentations, as well as table styling. Of course, great food is enjoyed best when accompanied by beautiful details that are pleasing to the eyes and that match your wedding vision!

“Couples present different themes. We always follow the lead of our clients. But personally, for my daughter Maja, she wants everything that’s fresh on the eyes. Simple spring arrangements yet eye-catching. She’s particular with the choice of flowers and I love that she has a unique eye on styling. Laging fresh tingnan at maganda,” says Chef Laura

Cooking with Passion for Your Special Day
When I cook, it’s always dedicated to God. When I say that, it means that I want to make people happy. Kasi siyempre diba pag dedicated kay God, gusto mo yung the best yung ibibigay mo,” shares Chef Laura.

Ube Pavlova

It’s apparent how much she places emphasis on the importance of family. Passion Cooks started with Chef Laura’s love for cooking dishes at home, and then it grew into an even bigger family composed of those who are at your service for one of the most significant days of your life. The Passion Cooks family also includes you, brides and grooms. For Chef Laura, couples aren’t merely clients, you are treated like lifetime friends.

 "We want you to feel like we're family. Gusto ko ma-feel niyo na hindi kayo papabayaan ng Passion Cooks." Chef Laura Martinez, Passion Cooks

At its very core, a wedding is a day celebrated with family and friends. And what better way to mark such a special day, surrounded by your nearest and dearest, than with dishes that come from a place of love, dedication to family, and a genuine passion to serve with joy?

Excellent dishes presented beautifully, elegant styling, and a true intention for making your wedding the special event it’s meant to be, that’s what Passion Cooks is all about. So, give your wedding a taste of sophistication and passion by sending your inquiries to Stay updated with the latest news about Passion Cooks by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

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