How to Choose Your Wedding Day Fragrance

A scent has so much nostalgic power. It can trigger emotions and take you back to happy memories much like that of your wedding day. Whenever you spritz your wedding fragrance or catch a whiff of it long after the big day, you’ll immediately recall those special scenes that made you laugh and cry, and more so, how those moments made you feel. So much love and joy can be associated with a fragrance, which is why it’s worth picking a scent that you will truly enjoy, appreciate, and makes you feel like you!

To help you whittle down the choices of your special wedding day fragrance, we’ve got a few tips right here.

How to Choose Your Wedding Day Fragrance

Consider the Theme and Venue of Your Wedding
Are you having a garden wedding with a color palette of pastels, surrounded by greenery? Consider light, airy, floral scents that emit freshness, complementing the garden scenery. Maybe a bit of herby notes like sage, too!

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Are you having a tropical bash on the beach? You can think of vibrant, zesty notes like citrus or even a fun and exciting coconut!

Maybe an opulent ballroom celebration? Go for rich, sensual scents, something with a woody note and packs a punch to complement the elegance of your event.

Select Notes That Complement Your Bridal Look and Vibe
While you try to match the vibe of your theme and venue, it’s equally important that your fragrance suits your own bridal look and personal vibe. For a laidback, unembellished, minimalist bridal look, go for clean and fresh scents. Maybe something subtle and light like delicate florals. If you’re going for pure elegance, you can go for woody notes like cedar, sandalwood, or amber, that are very suited for evening events.

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Choose a Scent That Suits Your Body Chemistry
Every person’s pH level, and skin type is different. One person’s favorite fragrance, might be too pungent or too light for you. So, you have to consider if the fragrance’s composition is suited for your body chemistry. Best way to evaluate is when the fragrance dries down on your body and what kind of scent it then emits after the initial spray. The top notes might be appealing at first but may smell different on you after a few minutes.

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Think of How Strong You Want Your Fragrance to Be
Do you prefer a strong, long-lasting fragrance that only requires a spritz or two? Or do you prefer lighter, and subtler scents that aren’t too overpowering? If you say, you prefer the former, then opt for an eau de parfum which has a higher fragrance oil concentration (15% or higher). If you prefer the latter, go for either an eau de toilette or an eau de cologne, which have lower fragrance oil concentrations.

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Spritz on Your Pulse Points
To get the maximum intensity and performance out of the fragrance you’re testing, spray it on your pulse points: Wrists, neck, inner elbows. Why? The pulse points are some of the warmest parts of our body which helps with the dry down and longevity of the fragrance. Then, evaluate how it makes you feel, how it smells on you once it dries down, and how it lasts throughout the day!

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Take it for a Test Run
Wear the fragrance a couple of weeks or even a few months ahead of your wedding day. Try to see if others compliment you about your scent! It’s a great way to validate if the fragrance really smells good on you. Most of all, see how it makes you feel and if it really matches the wedding vibe you’re going for.

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Think of Your Own Preferences
Above all, don’t forget to reflect on what you love and what you personally would want out of a fragrance. What type of scent would you want to be associated with a precious memory that is your wedding? In the end, the right fragrance is something that you enjoy and would help you carry the memory and emotions of how beautiful and special your wedding is.

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