Fashion Friday: Lazaro Spring 2015

Goodness! I can’t find a thing I dislike in Lazaro’s Spring 2015 collection. Everything in it says romantic! From the interior, styling, photography, to the gowns, each element is taken to utmost consideration. You’ll definitely want to wear one of these gowns on your big day, or even wear one to an intimate occasion! What are your thoughts on the gowns? Feel free to comment below!

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Designer: Lazaro

10 Bridal Myths You Need to Stop Believing

There will always be wedding traditions. But don’t fret, ladies! Although there are “rules” that are great to follow, there are actually some that can be broken! Often, as brides, we tend to be scared to break away from the norm or the usual “beliefs” that are imposed to us by family, friends, or society in general. Here at Bride and Breakfast, we’re out to tell you that it’s ok to take the road less traveled… so we’ve come up with a list of ten Bridal Myths that we’ll gladly bust for you!

Myth #1: Beadless and sequin-less gowns are just not formal enough!

At some point in time, it became the usual practice to put some sort of beadwork for bridesmaid dresses. Today, this tradition is still common, but is not a hard and fast rule. The fear of most is that the gowns will look informal and inelegant. This is actually far from the truth. Beadless gowns look young, fresh, and effortless. If you want to glam it up a bit, make your brides wear fun accessories such as statement earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Or even using stylish minaudieres can complete the look.

[Wedding: A Modern Merriment / Photo: Nicolai Melicor]

[Wedding: Ever Effortless / Photo: J Lucas Reyes]

Or try checking out our article about gorgeous looks perfect for your bridesmaids!

Myth #2: I need to wear “Bridal Shoes”.

This day and age is probably the most fun time to be a bride, since it’s actually quite acceptable for you to wear any fashionable shoe that is pretty and fits your personality. You don’t necessarily have to wear white, cream, or nude–a variety of colors (and styles) work well with wedding gowns. Another tip I would give is to choose a shoe that you can wear after the wedding–it’s way more cost-efficient that way.

[Wedding: Eternally Elegant / Photo: Jose Villa]

More shoe suggestions over here!

Myth #3: Beautiful gown = “beautiful” wedding.

Couples need to start approaching wedding style with an overall cohesive approach. Sometimes brides get focused on just having a beautiful gown and think that it’s the end-all-be-all of the wedding look. The key here is balance and coherence. If your gown is too grand and everything else in the wedding is bare and simple, then there is a disconnect with the overall look. Another thing to consider is matching your gown style to your wedding theme. For example, a modern dress goes with a modern theme, but a vintage gown won’t. So if you want a laid back vibe for your decor, then you can also pick out a gown design that also reflects that easy and laid back vibe.

[Wedding: Pretty Pink and Perfect / Photo: Pat Dy]

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Field of Love

Ready to be awed? Jonathan and Lej’s engagement session is so beyond lovely, that by the end of this set, you’ll be bearing looks resembling emojis of heart eyes and goofy grins. With Lej’s beautiful gown, the gorgeous backdrop of a wheat field, and the cute initials-carved out on the swing, the couple surely didn’t leave out anything that would have prevented them from having an impeccable e-sesh. Be sure to take in all the loveliness witnessed by Team Benitez Photo, because this is something you can’t miss! Enjoy!

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Photographer: Team Benitez Photo / Hairstylist: Gery Penaso / Makeup Artist: Gery Penaso / Gown: Mel Orlina / Stylist: The Wanderlust Productions

Bedazzled by the Beach

Being in a tropical country definitely has its perks. For one, we get to soak up the sun during the summer season. But probably the best perk for us in the Bride and Breakfast headquarters? We get to fully swoon over the most beautiful beach weddings! Take Gerardo and Erika’s Boracay beach wedding for example. It’s a bedazzled kind of beach wedding (you’ll see why it’s bedazzled when you scroll down) and Love Train Studios has taken the liberty to lather you with some pretty snaps of it. Have a lovely Tuesday, folks!

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Photographer: Love Train Studios / Videographer: My Revery Films / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Ronald Soncio Events / Reception Venue: Asya Premier Suites Boracay / Ceremony Venue: Holy Rosary Parish, Boracay / Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: May Jasmin / Bride’s Dress: Mel Orlina Couture / Bouquet and Handmade Flowers: Bride’s Aunt and Mom

Exquisite Elegance

When an exquisite wedding such as this comes our way, we make sure to bask in its full glory. Miguel and Rumples certainly made our jaws drop from the delicately beautiful Vania Romoff dress, that elegant bridesmaids dresses, to that modern yet romantic reception setup. Everything was done to utmost perfection, and to say that this wedding shot by Catilo Photography is gorgeous is quite an understatement. See this celebration unfold before your eyes in this gallery right here.

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Photographer: Catilo Photography / Reception Venue: Whitespace / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Pam Begre / Ceremony Venue: Don Bosco Makati / Bride’s Dress: Vania Romoff / Bridesmaid Dresses: Sassa Jimenez