Refreshingly Rustic

It’s no secret that flower crowns make our hearts happy. So just imagine our excitement when Migi and Kiss’ wedding made its way into our hands. Floral frocks, gorgeous bridesmaids, a Vania Romoff wedding gown, and some rustic details all make up for a truly refreshing love affair. It’s the perfect wedding to kickstart our Monday morning, don’t you agree? Here’s a tip though, you may want to sit down before viewing today’s compilation from Jaypee Noche. You’ll be majorly swooning in 3… 2… 1…

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Photographer: Jaypee Noche / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Ruby Ines / Preparation Venue: HillCreek Gardens / Event Stylist: Jo Claravall / Bride’s Dress: Vania Romoff / Entourage: Anthony Romoff / Groom’s Attire: Phillip Rodriguez / Groomsmen Attire: Dodie Casundo / Cinematographer: Digitalminds / Lights and Sounds: JS Mina / Catering: Bizu / DJ: DJ Tino / Church: San Antonio de Padua

The Candid and the Charming

We can’t help but love the mix of prettiness and playfulness in Wangwang and Masha’s seaside celebration. Taken by Rainbowfish Photography, this affair will make you enjoy that giddy feeling and the beauty of falling in love. The dainty and delicate details of this wedding (How cute are the couple’s chairs?!) are set to make you swoon and sigh. So go ahead and take a look, you might just find a bucketfull of inspiration from this wedding!

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Photographer: Rainbowfish Photography / Venue: Asya Premier Suites / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: BellsnBlooms

Masked Away

Sharing a love for Wes Anderson’s film Moonrise Kingdom, this couple decided to relive their own New Penzance adventure–with a twist! While most couples would never consider wearing masks or hiding their faces in a prenup shoot, Gen and Bob did. Boy, did it turn out well! With the amazing creative shots of Pleiocene Pictures, this shoot is a total trend-setter! Scroll down and see for yourself!


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Photographer: Pleiocene Pictures

Fashion Friday: Ines Di Santo Spring/Summer 2015

For some reason, this collection by Ines Di Santo reminds me of a night sky full of stars. And, no, it’s not just because of the blue background. I think it may be the intricate design of each gown. It is simply beaded to perfection and looks undeniably luminous. Each gown looks related to one another but still holds its own uniqueness. This collection is beautiful, and there is just no denying it. Be careful as you look through each gown though, you may not be able to take your eyes off of it!

Designer: Ines Di Santo

Short and Simple

Who doesn’t like a love story that’s simple and straight to the point? Tony and Rozette’s pre-wedding shoot definitely left us awestruck and full of butterflies in our stomachs. All the sweet touches and soft kisses paired with loving stares and uncontrolled laughter was more than enough for this couple to be able to share their story to the world. No set-up, styling, or poses. This was all about their feelings for each other at their most comfortable states and Jim Vondruska was able to capture each candid moment perfectly. Less is certainly more for this couple!

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Photographer: Jim Vondruska / Photo Editing: Rozette Diaz