Here’s A Handy Skill Every Cheese-Loving Couple Needs To Have

What’s one skill you can use when you’re dating, when you’re engaged, when you want to plan your bridal shower, when you’re planning your wedding, and even when you’re newly married? Give up? Here’s one we bet you didn’t see coming: knowing your wines and cheeses. Who doesn’t like some good wine and cheese? You can buy a bottle of wine and bring out some cheese to have an enjoyable date night. You can have a wine and cheese bridal shower. You can ask your caterer to set up a wine and cheese station at your wedding reception. And you can even host a wine and cheese party as newlyweds! Trust us, knowing your wines, cheeses, and how to set them up is a useful skill to have. It’s also classy, and we’re sure you’ll have multiple occasions to show off your wine and cheese skills too. So, we asked Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara, head chef of Mesclun Events Catering, to help give you guys some tips!


Wine and Cheese Tips for Couples

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Catering: Mesclun

So, Your Ex Just Got Engaged… Now What?

In today’s world of fast-paced news and social media, getting updates from all of our connections online is getting easier than ever. From the cutest and funniest stories, to the most shocking and gruesome events, it’s all there–just like how you’ll probably learn about your ex’s engagement. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, engaged yourself, or even already married, the news can make you feel weird at best. But if you dated a little bit more recently and got blindsided by this revelation, then it could get tough. We’re here for you!

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A Casual Engagement Session in Long Island

We are definitely loving the vibe of today’s feature, and we can’t wait to show it you! Rainbowfish Photography takes us to witness a chill yet chic prenup in South Shore Long Island, New York. What we love about engagements is that we can really see the unique personalities of the couple behind the lens, and that’s exactly what Chandler and Michelle did–no fuss, no frills, just the two of them being real in front of the camera. Something as sweet and simple as this could totally inspire you for your engagement shoot! What do you say? Check out the full set below!

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The Look




Fashion Friday: Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Spring 2017

Good morning, ladies! It’s a Friday–that means you’ll just need to get through a couple more hours before it’s officially the weekend. So if you need something to help pass the time, or just need your weekly fashion fix, then you’ve come to the right place! Detail-lovers will definitely swoon over today’s Fashion Friday feature: Ralph & Russo’s Haute Couture Spring 2017 collection. Just look at all the embellishments! Crystals, glass beads, metallic flowers, feathers, sequins–they sound over the top, but when you see how they’re incorporated in these dresses, you’ll see how gorgeous everything looks. I’m also loving the scalloped edges and necklines. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the eye-catching ruffles and frills too! There’s just so much going on, you’ve got to see this for yourselves.

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Designer: Ralph & Russo

A White Wedding in Misibis

Today’s feature is a classic white destination wedding. Jay Mayuga sent over this set of lovely photos taken at Jomarc and Ayla’s wedding in Misibis Bay, Albay. The bride’s dress, by Veluz Reyes, was a classic white gown that oozed simplicity and sophistication. (And you should definitely see the gorgeous Mara Chua dresses of the bridesmaids too!) The reception, which was held by the beach, had a very intimate and romantic vibe, thanks to the way Amante Fleurs styled the place with lanterns and candles. See the shots for yourself, and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did!

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Photographer: Jay Mayuga Photography / VIdeographer: Mayad Studios / Ceremony and Reception Venue: Misibis Bay, Albay / Bride’s Dress: Veluz Reyes / Bridesmaid Dresses: Mara Chua / Makeup Artist: Terence Buenaventura / Flowers & Decor: Amante Fleurs / Lights and Sounds: JS Mina / Band: 3rd Avenue / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: La Belle Fête Wedding and Events

The Look


10 Non-Traditional Gowns You Can Definitely Take Notes From For Your Wedding

In this day and age, bridal gowns are getting more creative than ever. We’ve been seeing the rise of different textures, hues, and skirts, ranging from something very simple and modern, to something grand and luxe. Oh, and have you noticed? Brides nowadays don’t even have to don something white for it pass for a wedding gown! Check out this roster of pretty gowns we’ve come across.

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