Bride and Breakfast Editorial Fest 2014

I have been dreaming about this event since last year. For most of our readers and our friends from the wedding industry, you know that Bride and Breakfast takes our wedding editorials quite seriously. We conceptualize, plan, and execute themes in collaboration with different suppliers who have taken on the challenge to help us realize visions and themes that we know our readers will love.

Some of these editorials are First Love, Beauty and the Beloved, and Wed Colorfully. And today, we are so, so, so proud to announce the Bride and Breakfast Editorial Fest 2014. It won’t just be our typical one-themed editorial, we’re doing three simultaneous ones. And yes, we think it will be epic. We believe in sharing our vision with as many people as possible so we are opening this shoot fest to awesome photographers out there that we’ll love to shoot along with.

What is the Bride and Breakfast Editorial Fest?

We have always been keen on bringing something new to the wedding industry every year, and this editorial shoot on August 29, 2014 (Friday) is the first of its kind. There will three types of bridal editorial setups that photographer participants will be able to shoot within one day: a wedding editorial, an elopement editorial, and a bridal fashion and portrait editorial. All of these will have elaborate, complete, and interconnecting designs; professional models; and swoon-worthy details (e.g. cakes, invitations, table setting, etc.). There will also be three photographers acting as marshals in each setup—for this year, we are collaborating with Pat Dy, Nelwin Uy, and Jaja Samaniego. They will also be assisting and giving tips on how to approach the editorial, but at the end of the day, each participant has the freedom to shoot the editorial in their own personal style and technique.

Here’s a partial list of confirmed suppliers for the creation of the editorial themes. Stay tuned as we announce more vendor details for the Editorial Fest!

Who can join the Bride and Breakfast Editorial Fest?

Both seasoned and up-and-coming photographers who share our passion for carefully-curated editorial shoots are welcome to join. The focus is to be able to photograph the beautiful details of each editorial setup and to marry your personal shooting style with the Bride and Breakfast editorial style.

What makes the Bride and Breakfast Editorial Fest a good investment?

  • You get to instantly shoot three editorials that have been carefully thought of, planned, and executed by the Bride and Breakfast team together with some of the most respected suppliers in the industry. The rates for this event are actually very affordable considering that you will be able to do three editorial shoots, as the cost of the registration fee would even be enough to pay for one editorial setup, let alone three.
  • These editorials can be posted on your blogs and portfolios and tagged as “Shot for the Bride and Breakfast Editorial Fest 2014”.
  • Exchange knowledge and tips with participants, marshals, and the Bride and Breakfast team.
  • This is an opportunity to show your own strength and style in approaching an editorial, and for Bride and Breakfast and our blog viewers to be more familiar with your work. Bride and Breakfast is constantly looking for partners in other shoots—having your work in our radar and being knowledgeable of your personal editorial shooting style will be a great way for us to determine possible future collaborations, and be a platform for many other opportunities for all parties involved.
  • Build relationships with everyone involved in this production. You also get to tap their individual market through the social media posts and publicity that our participating suppliers will be generating.
  • Last but not the least, it’s gonna be so fun! We wanna have a good time with you guys!

What are the rates for participating in the Editorial Fest?

  • Early Bird Rate: P17,500 (for all paid registrations on or before August 7, 2014)
  • Regular Rate: P20,000

Slots are limited to give an equal opportunity for all photographer participants to shoot all three editorial setups. There is high demand for the event so if you are interested, we suggest that you register immediately. See you at the Bride and Breakfast Editorial Fest 2014!

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