5 Ways You Can Lessen Your Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding planning is certainly fun, but it’s also very challenging. Here are some tips that can help you manage your stress and strengthen your relationship along the way.


Keep a grateful perspective

Though some may go through their wedding planning with minor bumps on the road, most still face challenges that can be overwhelming. Once you allow your mind to focus on the things that may seem to go wrong, the stress that comes with it may actually alter the way you interact with your partner, causing unwarranted arguments without you even knowing it. The key to battle anxiety is to pause and think of the things you are grateful for in your relationship, in your wedding, or in life in general. Don’t let fear and worry overcome you. The more you see the good in things, the more the problems will seem small. Practicing this regularly will definitely protect your relationship–and your sanity!


Make the time to rest

We get it–you have to work, plan, make big decisions, manage family requests, and the list goes on and on. While some couples try their best to address every concern thrown their way, they often forget to take some time off for themselves. You might think taking a break is counter intuitive since you are already cramming as it is, but deciding to take some time out (and not think about the wedding planning!) will do wonders. This will allow your body and mind to reset, and give you that extra energy to face them again with renewed strength. Remember that tired couples can turn into grouchy couples, so be sure you take the smart road and rest!


Embrace a broader purpose

Here’s a suggestion! Set aside a time wherein you, as a couple, sit down together and talk about the purpose of your wedding. Remember that a wedding is not just one big party that celebrates you. It’s also a time to celebrate your family, honor your parents, and share your joy with friends. The truth is, sometimes you will feel overwhelmed with all the demands coming from family and friends, but you don’t need to address everything. Figure out what’s important to you, and have an attitude of generosity so that you can see what changes you can actually make.


Accept imperfections

Most couples dream of the perfect wedding. But realistically, not everything will go the way you planned. Do your part to prepare and plan, but whenever things don’t seem to workout, remember it’s not the end of the world. Hire the right suppliers and be meticulous with choosing the people that will be in your wedding planning team. By doing so, it can keep the pressure off you and your fiance while you plan for your big day.


Do a regular partner checkup

Don’t wait until stress levels are very high before you confide in your partner. Remember that you must be intentional about nourishing your relationship, even more so at this time. Ask questions like “How are you holding up?”, “Is anything challenging you right now?”, or “How can I help?”. Arguments can pop out of nowhere when couples are on edge. Sometimes you won’t even be aware that you are already quite agitated until you snap or give attitude to your partner. The best way to avoid conflict is to strengthen your bond, even as early as the wedding planning. Don’t assume that everything is fine if no one is mentioning anything. Giving each other a safe place to share is already winning half the battle. And should your partner share what bothers them, do not be quick to judge or dismiss. Sometimes all they need is a listening ear and an assuring voice that everything will be alright. Remember, your wedding is only a day, but your marriage is a lifetime.


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