Make Wedding Planning Easier with this Detailed Wedding Timeline!

How do you start wedding planning? Now that you’re probably engaged, and have discovered the wonderful world of weddings and wedding planning, you might just be a little overwhelmed with all the information that’s available everywhere. But how do you actually start? What do you do first? When should you do it? Is there a […]

6 Bare Space Venues You’ll Want to Check Out for Your Big Day

Wedding dress, check. Guest list, check. Wedding venue, hmmm… don’t worry, folks, we’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for a specific type of events venue, like a bare space that will allow you to translate all your dream wedding ideas and concepts, then you’ll certainly want to check out the list of bare space […]

12 Practical Gift Ideas to Give Your Groom on the Wedding

Ever wondered why the groom and bride exchange gifts on their wedding day? While it’s not a requirement, it’s definitely a nice gesture to honor each other and to express admiration and appreciation for your soon-to-be forever partner. Now, is your big day fast approaching, but you still haven’t gotten a gift to give your […]

7 Ways This Bride Threw an Epic Bali Bachelorette

Other than the big day itself, probably the most important, weighty event is the bachelorette party with your best gal pals. Now that big, crazy, and out-of-the-country bachelorettes are all the rage, throwing one must be circling your mind. Before you start planning, take some tips from Sambie Rodriguez, the Guava Pass Manila general manager, […]

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10 Creative Recessional Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Exit

Once you’ve said your “I Dos”, the wedding recessional comes next. And wouldn’t you want it to be a magical one? After all, it’s the first time you and your partner will be walking together as husband and wife! We rounded up ten creative ideas for your wedding exit, so that your guests can welcome […]