Planning a Wedding In the Philippines While Overseas: These 3 OFW Couples Tell Us How!

Are you a bride-to-be planning your wedding in the Philippines while currently residing overseas? We cannot even begin to imagine how stressful it must be to put together the most special day of your life with miles and miles separating you and your selected venue. Choosing a team of suppliers that can perfectly execute your […]

These Are the Things You Will Be Needing for a Mixed Religion Wedding!

If you’re Catholic and planning to wed your partner who is from a different Christian faith (or vice versa), you might be wondering, can you get married in a Catholic church? The answer is yes! The requirements vary depending on the religion of the Non-Catholic party, but we prepared a general guide to help you […]

Practical Tips to Help Newlyweds with Finding Their First Home

Second only to choosing your partner for life, deciding on where you will be making your first memories as husband and wife tops the list of important decisions you will ever make. Every couple’s wishlist when it comes to their first home is unique. There will be differences no matter how similar you think you […]

Some Photographers Share Suggestions on Things Couples Can Try to Avoid on Their Big Day!

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8 Delicious Crew Meal Providers Who Can Feed Your Dream Team!

We’re sure you’ve seen the posts of brides on social media, thanking her carefully curated team of suppliers and saying the wedding would not have been a success without them. Despite the monotony, these words could not be more heartfelt and sincere. Your suppliers are there to share their skills and expertise to make your […]