6 Effective Habits for Couples When Planning Their Wedding

Ever heard of couples who end up arguing while planning their wedding? While a small disagreement is natural here and there, you wouldn’t want it to ruin your wedding planning. Read about these effective habits you can apply for a smoother planning experience. After all, the wedding is supposed to be a celebration of love and happiness–from beginning to end!


1. Have the same vision when planning your wedding

Just like in any relationship, the give and take rule applies. It’s no different when planning your wedding. As a couple, list down each of your own visions and ideas for the big day, then talk about it so you can agree on which details to pursue or let go of for a happy (and cohesive) wedding.


2. Communicate what is important for the both you

For the bride, it’s usually the dress and makeup. For the groom, maybe it’s the food and drinks. It differs from couple to couple, so make sure you’re properly communicating about both your wedding needs and wants. By doing this, you’ll have clear decision-making guidelines on which things to splurge (and skimp) on.


3. Decide on a timeline with your planner

Use this timeline as a guide on what to work on per month. Having a timeline or schedule can help you plot your wedding responsibilities, depending on how high or low the priority is. It’s also better to be finished with preparations way ahead of time to make room for any possible last-minute matters.


4. Create an email address particularly for wedding planning

Don’t confuse yourself by mixing work and wedding-related matters. Separate them as you see fit. That way, you’ll be even more organized. This also helps you to access emails from suppliers quickly and easily. You can even create your own wedding website, and put your wedding email there too! (P.S. – The wedding website can serve as a guide for your guests and an RSVP platform as well.)


5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Let’s admit it, planning your wedding with only your partner can be tricky and stressful. So why not ask close family and friends to help out? You can even bring in your entourage to help you out as well! If you have a friend who’s into fashion, then have her help you out with dress design and fittings. When delegating tasks, it would be nice to match them to the interests of those who will be helping you out. Just remember not to pile too many responsibilities on them either!


6. Manage and track your wedding expenses

And this doesn’t only apply to the big costs. Even the smallest of expenses can eventually total to a big amount. So if you don’t want to fall out of your chair when you do the post-wedding accounting, make sure that you’re tracking costs real time.


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