This City Hotel Provides Your Wedding with a 360 Degree View of Manila

When you’re in search of the perfect location for your wedding day, there are certain requirements to keep in mind–a good location, a great price, and the perfect ambience! What if I were to say that you could have the romantic wedding of your dreams overlooking the city? The moment we discovered City Garden Grand Hotel, we couldn’t wait to share it with all you couples on the lookout for a city wedding venue.


The ambiance is so fitting for special celebrations!

Just take a look at this ballroom! The beautiful high ceilings of the Rosemary Ballroom make it ideal for both morning and evening weddings, and its spacious modern design will surely get your guests feeling excited in no time. The room also has divisions to accommodate your specific room requests. Plus, the overall atmosphere gives off an elegant vibe, and dancing the night away will be a sure breeze with all this extra space around!


Enjoy a stunning 360-degree view!

As if the sophisticated design of the function rooms isn’t enough, here comes an amazing 360-degree view of the Makati city skyline! A scenic panorama like this can also be viewed from the rooftop function room, the Terrace 33–the perfect place for your pre-nuptial shoot (which comes with the event package) and wedding pictorials too! With a backdrop like this, your celebration will truly be one to remember. Because who doesn’t love a view of the romantic sunset and magical city lights, right?


No need to worry about styling, they’ve got an in-house team that can do it for you!

Just look at this table setting! There’s something so sweet about this setup’s simple yet elegant styling. The choice of flowers and mix of colors make everything look pretty. If this isn’t so much your taste, no need to worry because the in-house stylist and floral coordinator, which are also included in the wedding package, will surely take care of styling things to your liking!

P.S. – This hotel’s wedding packages can be drawn not only to fit the theme you had in mind, but your budget as well!


They’ve got a delicious menu you and your guests will love!

Of course, a celebration is not complete without good food! That’s why their professional banquet services and kitchen team have you covered. Imagine how your guests will be waiting, from the ceremony all the way to the reception, to be served their meals–so the food definitely has to be worth the wait! For sure, the kitchen team will make everyone taste the love poured out onto every plate they serve.


What more can you ask for?

With a fitting ambiance, a stunning view, an in-house stylist, delicious food, and trustworthy coordinators, there’s nothing more you’ll want! All you have to do is live in the moment, have fun, and create love-filled memories with the City Garden Grand Hotel.


Cover photo couple: Patrick Munar and Suzanne Apolonio Munar

Start creating your memories today by reaching out to City Garden Grand Hotel through their website, or give them a call at +63 2 888-8181.

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