The Wedding Guide

We just launched this new feature on the website called The Wedding Guide. It’s a comprehensive “manual” of practical and helpful things that a bride can learn for her wedding. Think of it as the bride’s wedding bible. Pretty neat, right?!

The idea for this came about while going through all our content on the website. We realized that we’ve written so many articles and tips on how to plan for your wedding, so we decided to collate all of them into this section. We divided The Wedding Guide into different parts, such as things you need to know once you get engaged, how to plan for your wedding, different fashion and style tips, gifts and keepsakes for your guests or entourage, our Bride and Breakfast wedding theme tutorials, and even things that you need to take note of for your new life as husband and wife.


We’ll be continually updating this section as we create new content and wedding planning tips for the website!

So what are you waiting for? Check out The Wedding Guide for our guide to all things weddings!

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