Looking for Ways to Plan Your Fuss-Free Dream Wedding? This Hotel Has You Covered!

When it comes to orchestrating a wedding that truly resonates with your vision, it’s important to have a partner that understands and delivers. And no, we’re not just talking about your significant other. We’re talking about a highly-professional wedding planning professional who cares, listens, and delivers exactly what was promised, or even more.

At New World Makati Hotel, every moment is crafted with precision and passion, ensuring your day is nothing short of remarkable. From gourmet cuisine, a modern and flexible venue, to detailed service, everything is curated just for you. But don’t take it from us– Keep reading and let the tales of three couples who chose this 5-star luxury experience for their special days tell the story.

Looking for Ways to Plan Your Fuss-Free Dream Wedding? This Hotel Has You Covered

Kevin and Veronica, On Excellent Food and Suppliers That Can Be Trusted

For Kevin and Veronica, the heart of New World Makati Hotel was evident not just through its posh and modern spaces, but in the love that was meticulously infused into each dish they served. Weddings, they say, are often remembered for the attention dedicated to the food and service. And for this couple, their biggest day was immortalized by the hotel’s culinary team.

“I think the food is what sets New World Makati Hotel apart. I’ve always been a fan of their Jasmine restaurant and Cafe 1228,” Kevin remarked.

Veronica, on the other hand, fondly remembered, “During the time when we were looking for a wedding reception venue, Ms. Sapphira introduced us to their wedding packages. She emphasized three non-negotiables for our wedding–food, photo and video, and wedding rings. The food is what the guests remember the most from any event. Indeed we received good feedback from our guests that the food that was served was delicious.”

But their special day, 25th March 2023, wasn’t just about the delightful dishes. It was the heartfelt gestures, the seamless planning, and the unwavering support. “Thanks to New World Makati Hotel, we were stress-free during our actual wedding day, since everything was laid out beforehand, and even with my last-minute requests for the food, they still accommodated and assured me that everything would be okay on that day,” Veronica expressed gratefully.

One thing I learned from this whole wedding planning is to trust your suppliers. I placed my trust in New World Makati Hotel from the start, and they truly delivered until the very end.

Sean and Patricia On the luxurious venue and magical styling

For Sean and Patricia, New World Makati Hotel was more than just a venue. Rather, it was also a treasure trove of childhood memories. Sean shared, “New World Makati Hotel has always been a hotel close to my heart, it was a place where I would spend my short holidays as a child. It was an easy decision that it was perfectly suitable for our requirements and we booked it almost immediately.

Their journey with the hotel unfolded like a beautifully written story, every detail meticulously crafted, especially when it came to the styling of the event. “The most memorable part of the wedding planning with New World was definitely the event styling. All of us took time to really plan out what was right and what could work with the setup. And in the end, we were graced with a beautiful backdrop that we will forever remember,” they warmly recalled.

The unveiling of the styled venue is an unforgettable moment for Patricia, “When the doors swung open for the first time on our wedding day, 26th November 2022, to reveal the space specifically made for us, it was nothing less than magical. It was like time had stopped moving as we took every moment in, and it was wonderful.

New World Makati Hotel, being in the heart of Makati, wasn’t just about its modern luxury but convenience as well. “It really boils down to luxury and convenience both being at play,” said the couple. It’s the little things, like providing spaces for photography and setup, that Sean and Patricia valued the most. “Prep rooms and gardens where we could separately take photos don’t really seem like big things, but these are crucial to make sure the suppliers can do their best work.”

"New World has almost everything going for it, a beautiful hotel, an accessible location, great food, and supportive staff. It would be difficult to look for another hotel with that combination of pros working for it."

Edrine and Princess, On the Exceptional Service and Stress-Free Planning

Edrine and Princess also had their dream wedding come true at New World Makati Hotel, a place that according to them, went above and beyond their expectations. Edrine, with heartfelt sincerity, shared, “We have attended numerous weddings of our family and friends held at New World Makati Hotel and had a wonderful experience with each. But what truly sets New World Makati Hotel apart is the quality of service they give to their clients. They exceeded our expectations and were always there to assist when needed. Their decades of experience helped us plan the perfect wedding.

Wedding planning, though exhilarating, comes with its share of challenges. Princess candidly expressed, “Our wedding planning was fun and exciting, especially at the beginning. But like other couples, we also experienced a lot of stress, especially when things didn’t go as planned.” It’s in those stressful moments that New World Makati Hotel stepped in, becoming the couple’s reliable guide. Their expertise, combined with a genuine care for the couple’s vision, meant that every challenge was met with “wonderful suggestions and recommendations that also helped us achieve our dream wedding.”

That dream became a reality on the 8th of October 2022. Princess happily recalls, “Our wedding day was perfect. All of our guests were raving about how beautiful the event was. The food was great, and the staff were very accommodating and professional.” Their guests’ appreciation and admiration was a testament to the sheer dedication and passion of the New World Makati Hotel team.

New World Makati Hotel was there and was able to help us with our wedding planning from start to finish. From food selection to their professional recommendation of suppliers, and the perfect execution of our wedding reception, New World Makati Hotel always played a big part in the success of our wedding

Listening to these touching testimonials, it’s evident that New World Makati Hotel holds a special place in many couples’ hearts. It’s no wonder why it’s the choice of so many for their most memorable day. The stories shared by the couples paint a picture of a hotel that deeply cares about creating unforgettable wedding experiences. Knowing this, anyone would feel at ease choosing New World Makati Hotel as the venue for their wedding, assured they are in caring hands.

The hotel enjoys a prime location, situated where everything is within reach. The food is consistently praised, and the service is exceptional. The heartfelt reflections of couples, combined with the evident outstanding features of the hotel, make New World Makati Hotel a fantastic choice for anyone looking to tie the knot.

For more information, visit https://manila.newworldhotels.com/en/.

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