Should You Hire a Wedding Content Creator?

In the age of social media, the landscape of wedding documentation has evolved significantly. Alongside professional photographers and videographers, a new breed of creatives has emerged: wedding content creators! These individuals are not just capturing the curated, picture-perfect moments but are diving into the raw, real, and unfiltered behind-the-scenes experiences of a wedding. To understand this trend better, we spoke with two such creators, On The Day Storytellers and Next Day Edit PH, as well as a bride-to-be, Treszka Oliveria, who is considering hiring a wedding content creator for her upcoming vow renewal.

Should your hire a wedding content creator?

What Exactly Are Wedding Content Creators?

Our role as wedding content creators is to provide two things,” shared Karyn Gan and Nicole Revestual of On The Day Storytellers. “First is we capture raw, unfiltered behind-the-scenes footage of your wedding day shot with our iPhones and sent within 24 hours of the event. Second is we create shareable, creative short-form videos for your personal social media pages or just for your personal viewing.” They focus on the real, unplanned moments of a wedding, offering something different from traditional photographers.

We provide a different output—ours are more behind-the-scenes footage to relive your big day the very next day. Official Photographers and Videographers deliver high-quality footage you’ll show your children’s children for many years to come. -Karyn Gan, On The Day Storytellers

Ali and Kim Vicente of Next Day Edit similarly see this vision, positioning themselves as “the couple’s ‘social media besties’.” They specialize in capturing the genuine, unscripted moments of a wedding, allowing couples to fully enjoy their day without worrying about their phones. “We are dedicated to filming and editing content tailored for social media that the couple can share, as soon as the next day! They get to relive all those moments whether big or small as they patiently wait for the official photos and wedding videos,” they say, emphasizing the quick turnaround and social media-friendly content.

From a bride-to-be’s viewpoint, Treszka looks forward to this mix of traditional and new-age documentation. She values the simplicity and immediacy of content creators. “It’s really capturing the in-between moments in a real, raw way,” she shares. When it comes down to it, Treszka appreciates having both the professional photos and the natural, unfiltered snapshots for a complete picture of her wedding day.

What Kinds of Footage Do Wedding Content Creators Capture?

Wedding content creators are known for capturing the often unnoticed, yet incredibly meaningful moments of a wedding day. On The Day Storytellers highlights their focus on these intimate interactions, “One area we try to document is our bride and groom’s interaction with their wedding suppliers. Whether it’s the ‘chika’ with the make-up artist, the laughing between takes with the photo team, the tears pat dry by the coordinators, the awe and shock when you see the venue styling, or the hyping up of the videographers, we try to document this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” they explain. This approach reveals a deeper narrative of the wedding, showcasing how couples collaborate with various creative professionals to bring their dream wedding to life.

Reel by: On The Day Storytellers

Similarly, Next Day Edit places a strong emphasis on capturing candid and unscripted moments that define the unique character of each wedding. “From the bridesmaids’ laughter during makeup prep to the couple’s first look reactions, and to the heartfelt toasts of their family and friends, we’re all about the authentic, behind-the-scenes magic that adds depth to their wedding story. It is these moments that truly capture the essence of their special day, telling the story of who they are as a couple,” they share. This commitment to authenticity ensures that the essence of the wedding day is captured in a way that truly reflects the couple’s personality and the heartfelt emotions of the day.

We love to capture those candid, unscripted moments that often go unnoticed. These moments can be fun, emotional, and chaotic, but they're entirely genuine which is what makes each wedding unique. - Ali Vicente, Next Day Edit PH

How Does Content Creation Complement Official Photos and Videos?

As with all wedding suppliers, striking the right balance between authenticity and a polished aesthetic is an art form. On The Day Storytellers excels in this, prioritizing the genuine essence of each wedding. “Because the nature of our business is taking behind-the-scenes footage, we prioritize raw, candid, organic and unfiltered moments. And sometimes that won’t look ‘aesthetic’ and that’s okay. We find authentic moments the best and most beautiful kind of content,” they explain. This approach resonates deeply with couples who value genuine memories over orchestrated perfection, seeking to capture the true spirit of their special day.

The key is to strike a balance that reflects the couple's unique story and preferences while ensuring the content looks both genuine and polished. - Kim Vicente, Next Day Edit PH

Next Day Edit brings a nuanced approach to this balance, combining spontaneity with a polished finish. They describe their process: “Capturing the perfect balance between spontaneous moments and polished, curated shots during a wedding requires careful planning. We always start by having a meeting with the couple to understand their preferences and priorities in terms of what moments they want us to capture.” This initial understanding is important for them to craft content that is both authentic and visually appealing. Their coordination with wedding planners and careful editing–using transitions and audio that align with current trends–ensures that the final product is both candid and aesthetically pleasing.

Reel by: Next Day Edit PH

What Are the Perks of Having a Wedding Content Creator?

Wedding content creation is definitely a buzzword, catering to a wide array of clients, from the tech-savvy to those less familiar with social media intricacies. On The Day Storytellers captures this essence perfectly. “We would like to think that we cater to both the social-savvy couples and the not-so-techie couples,” they share. Their services are a godsend for couples who want their wedding memories shared but may not have the time or expertise to do so themselves. “We take care of all of this for them—from shooting the footage to editing the short-form video to finding the perfect audio track to writing the caption,” they explain, underscoring their commitment to providing a comprehensive service that takes the hassle out of sharing these precious moments.

Reel by: On The Day Storytellers

Next Day Edit adds another layer of excitement to this arena, with a focus on creating content specifically designed for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Their approach is not just about capturing moments, but about crafting a story that reflects each couple’s unique personality. “Our wedding content creation services are specifically designed to cater to social-savvy couples who want distinctive and shareable content for their social media platforms,” they say, highlighting their commitment to producing trendy and engaging content.

Meanwhile, Treszka captures the sentiment of many modern couples. She recognizes the value of having someone skilled in content creation to capture her day. “I’ve always imagined that once we renew our vows, I would give my phone to someone trusted to take lots of photos and videos from my phone so I have a copy of things right after everything,” she says, expressing a desire to own these immediate, personal memories. This trend of hiring wedding content creators resonates with her vision of having authentic, and immediately accessible memories of her special day, blending the professional with the personal.

It's not to say that I prefer just the real and raw, because I also want the creative professional photography style. I want both. I want the full thing. - Treszka Oliveria, Bride-to-be

What Type of Wedding Content Would Couples Find Interesting?

Bride-to-be Treszka says, “I would love for us to take more trendy transitions, trendy social media things. It’s hard to get another team to do that, and I think content creators are the best people to do that for us,” she says, emphasizing the creative flexibility and trendiness that content creators bring to the table.

 I think wedding content creators very much adds to a guest perspective, a guest point of view. The way they take content makes the output feel like whoever's watching was also part of the wedding because it's just that raw, it's real time. And that's just a style I would want to mix in with the professional approach and creative work of wedding photographers and videographers. - Treszka Oliveria, Bride-to-be

This feeling beautifully captures what wedding content creators bring to the table–an opportunity to experience the wedding anew, as if through the eyes of a cherished guest. And ultimately, the choice of hiring a wedding content creator is up to your unique needs and wants. Their authentic, spur-of-the-moment captures add depth and richness to the wedding story.

When Do You Book a Wedding Content Creator?

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to booking the right wedding content creators. For On The Day Storytellers, couples can book for as tight as two weeks before the wedding. This quick adaptability is a boon for couples who may make last-minute decisions or want to add an extra layer of memory-making to their special day.

We’ve worked on a two-day notice for a full wedding package! But, we’d recommend at least two weeks to be able to align and establish a concrete wedding content plan. - Nicole Revestual, On The Day Storytellers

Next Day Edit, on the other hand, advises a more long-term approach. They emphasize the importance of planning ahead, especially for couples who have specific visions or preferences. “It would really depend on the couple’s priority while booking their suppliers. We’ve received inquiries for December 2024 and even 2025 while some haven’t even decided on a date yet. We feel flattered when we get these inquiries but we recommend that couples hire a wedding content creator at least 3 to 6 months before their big day,” they say.

Reel by: Next Day Edit PH

In hindsight, wedding content creators like On The Day Storytellers and Next Day Edit are bringing a dynamic and authentic twist to how wedding memories are captured and cherished. Their unique approach infuses a sense of authenticity and immediacy into wedding memories, beautifully complementing the work of photographers and videographers.

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