7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

A lot of couples go through a hard time when choosing their wedding venue, and one of the biggest reasons is because they haven’t really ironed out a lot of other details yet. Choosing a venue requires a lot of thought and careful consideration–after all, this is where your wedding will take place! It’s not something you can easily change your mind about on a whim (like your wedding shoes, for example). But don’t worry, because Bride and Breakfast is here to help you think about how to lock in your wedding venue!

What is our budget? A bigger venue is usually more costly, just like how a smaller venue would normally mean incurring a lesser cost. Make sure you've allocated your funds for the big day so you can fully commit to the venue you're eyeing. And if you know that the cost of the venue is a stretch on your current budget, save yourself the heartbreak!

Where are we getting married? In the city, out of town, or out of the country? Is it near most of your closest friends and family? The location and accessibility of your venue are also important. You also have to note that booking a destination wedding tends to lower the guest headcount, since those celebrations are typically harder to travel to.

When are we getting married? It's safe to always have backup venues (which you also really like!) just in case you discover that your first choice is out of your budget, or worse, fully booked on your desired day or month. It's either you adjust your wedding date or go seek other options. Conversely, having too many options might also confuse you. Go with your gut and pick your top three, and ask about availability right away.

How many are we inviting? Ah, the guest list. It's also important to have a rough idea of the number of people you want present at your wedding, to help you choose an appropriate venue. It will help you evaluate if you really need a vast and grand area if it won't be filled up anyway, or if the venue is big enough so all your guests will fit.

Can we visualize our wedding theme in this venue? Take note of the general vibe of the place. It should speak to you and your fiancé and should match and help bring out the best in the theme you had in mind. This will make for a cohesive wedding look!

Can this venue hold all the activities and elements that we want? Study the layout of the venue as well. All those tables and chairs, the cocktail bar, dancing area, stage, and all the other parts you want to include--will it fit there? If you're not sure yet, you can also plan your reception based on the venue's layout.

Are we aware of the venue's rules and restrictions? Some venues don't automatically let you know that they have certain restrictions, like the number of hours you can rent the space, the in-house caterers, and the equipment they have included/excluded in their rates. Be sure to get to know them all so you don't get caught off-guard later.

Feeling ready to go to your venue scoutings? We’re cheering you on from the sidelines! Happy venue hunting!

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