Engagement Shoot Themes: 10 Fun Ideas to Let Your Personalities Shine!

Engagement shoots are meaningful because this is a chance for you to give your loved ones a creative glimpse into who you are as a couple. One way to truly let your personalities shine is by choosing a theme that resonates deeply with both of you! We’ve written many memorable and outstanding engagement features, and […]

On Contract Changes and Cancellations: How You Can Handle Your Wedding Suppliers

We often talk about tips and tricks when it comes to bridal gowns and wedding themes, but what about negotiating addendums and handling refunds? It may not be as pretty, but the legal side of planning weddings deserves just as much of your attention. Planning a wedding nowadays means having Plans A-Z and being open […]

How to Gently Break the News About Your Small Wedding to Your Big Family

Apart from matters of health and safety during the pandemic, couples may want to have a smaller wedding with 50 guests or much less because of reasons such as you want to stick to a budget, you simply don’t want to be the center of attention amongst a crowd, or you just can’t keep on […]

Here Are 5 Ways to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet After Your Wedding

A lot of effort and thought goes into choosing your bridal bouquet. After selecting the blooms you love, saving and spending, and all the time it took for your florist to arrange them, it only makes sense why a bride would want to preserve her bouquet as a keepsake. While we can’t exactly freeze flowers […]

Here Are Some Roles You Can Give Your Furry Friends on Your Wedding Day!

Entourage? Check! Wedding suppliers? Check check! Now that you’ve filled most of the important roles for your wedding day, how about giving a special one to your favorite pets? Whether you grew up together or it was simply love at first sight, pets definitely have a place in your wedding day. Whether you own a […]