Here Are 8 Items You Can Personalize for Your Something Blue!

With so much already on their plate, why do brides go to the trouble of preparing something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue on their wedding day? Some might do it for the sake of tradition, while others may believe it will bring good fortune to their wedding. The English tradition of carrying something […]

Breaking the “Wedding Rules”: Here are 7 Unique Twists from Real Weddings

Who says you can’t break a few rules and make your wedding completely your own? While there are certain requirements that we need to follow, there’s no harm in deviating from what’s traditional to put a unique spin on your wedding. Whether it’s a completely unconventional gesture or a one-of-a-kind detail, there are many ways […]

10 Dreamy Date Spots in Tagaytay You Can Try before the Big Day

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or looking for ways to reconnect amidst wedding planning stress, you should definitely make plans to spend quality time with your significant other. Date nights at home or at your favorite restaurant are always a good idea, but why not go the extra mile—literally—and make a drive out of it? Set […]

Cheers to the Father of the Bride: 7 Simple Ways to Say Thank You on Your Wedding Day

Dad—he will always be the man who has loved you first and who will love you the longest. That is why a daughter’s wedding day can be a bittersweet affair for a dad, as it signifies she is ready to let go and move on. While the reasons to celebrate easily outweigh any unhappy thoughts, […]

Long Time, No Sea: Let’s Look Back on Some of Our Favorite Beach Weddings!

Sun-kissed skin, sandy toes, and swimwear all day, everyday—how long has it been since your last trip to the beach? Whether you’ve been patiently waiting to plan your next getaway or you’ve managed to find your own safe spot by the water, we know you’re dreaming about the day when you can safely reunite with […]