20 Details You Can Personalize For Your Wedding

What makes a wedding stand out? With all the weddings that we’ve seen here at B&B, we can tell you that some of the things that make a wedding stand out from all the others are the details. And when we say details, we don’t just mean the decor, the flowers, or the styling. Simple things like wedding rings, bouquets, and even menu cards can make a big difference if you personalize them. Adding personal touches is a great way to go if you want your wedding to reflect you and your fiancé. Plus, it’ll make your wedding more memorable and unique too! Looking for some inspiration? We’ve got your back. Here are some of our favorite personalized wedding details.

20 Things You Can Personalize for Your Wedding


1. Rings

It doesn’t get more personal than engraving your wedding bands. Some engrave them with names and dates, but this couple was a little more creative–and we’re loving it!

Photo: Mark Cantalejo | Real Wedding: Bright and Beautiful


2. Hangers

Aren’t these matching hangers just the cutest? We hope Eugz and Pia still use them until now!

Photo: Nelwin Uy | Real Wedding: Belle and the Blue


3. Robe

Don’t you love the idea of stitching your soon-to-be last name on your robe? If that doesn’t work for you, you can still have your first name stitched, no problem! P.S. – This is also a great idea for bridesmaids’ gifts.

Photo: Catilo Photography | Real Wedding: Celebrity Wedding: Patrick Filart and Patty Laurel


4. Dress

We just love what Sarah did to her dress! It’s small and it may be hidden, but the bride knows it’s there, and that’s all that matters.

Photo: Nelwin Uy | Real Wedding: Romantic Reverie


5. Suit

If you can personalize the dress, then you can definitely personalize the suit! Did you read it yet? It made us say, “Awww…”

Photo: Catilo Photography | Real Wedding: Celebrity Wedding: Patrick Filart and Patty Laurel


6. Boutonnieres

The groom was in the air force, and proud of it! And he and his bride let it show in their boutonnieres.

Photo: Toto Villaruel | Real Wedding: A Soft Surrender


7. Cufflinks

So this couple managed to fill their wedding with details of their favorite movie. Can you guess? It’s a no-brainer: Star Wars!

Photo: Blinkbox Photos | Real Wedding: A Star Wars Story


8. Shoes

Look at what this groom had on his shoes! It doesn’t have to be fancy or big–something like this still manages to add a personal touch.

Photo: Jiggie Alejandrino | Real Wedding: Love Under the Sun


9. Bouquet

Bouquet charms, especially lockets containing photos of family members, not only honor your family, they’re also a way to have a piece of them on your big day.

Photo: We Do It For Love | Real Wedding: A Classic Romantic Blush and Gray Garden Wedding


10. Parasols

If you’re having a beach wedding (or even if you’re not), parasols like these are a must! This bride went the extra mile and had her bridesmaids’ names painted on their parasols. Aren’t they lovely?

Photo: Nelwin Uy | Real Wedding: Romantic Reverie


11. Caricatures

Here’s something you can give your bridesmaids and your groomsmen–caricatures! We know we’d love to get one!

Photo: Nicolai Melicor | Real Wedding: Rustic Radiance


12. Newspaper

If your guests get bored, what do you do? Hand them a newspaper! Not just any newspaper, a newspaper that tells you and your fiancé’s story. We’re sure your guest would love to read that!

Photo: Jaja Samaniego | Real Wedding: I Spy A Pretty Little Wedding


13. Guest book

This finger print guest board is a unique take on your usual guest book! Have your guests leave their mark by placing an inked finger print on a drawing of a tree–it doesn’t get more personal than that!

P.S. – Don’t forget to leave them something to clean their fingers with!

Photo: J Lucas Reyes | Real Wedding: An Enchanted Garden Affair


14. Story board

Tell you and your fiancé’s story with a story board. Let people know how you met, proposed, and everything in between!

Photo: Den Llanos Dee | Real Wedding: A Journey for Two


15. Table numbers

Table numbers don’t just have to be numbers. Look at what this couple did in their wedding!

Photo: Ian Santillan | Real Wedding: Posh and Purple


16. Menu

Do silhouettes on menus count as personalized details? In our books, definitely!

Photo: Jose Villa | Real Wedding: Eternally Elegant


17. Food labels

You can be creative with food packaging. Whether it’s bottles, boxes, or containers, stick your names on it, and we’re sure your guests will love it!

Photo: Noel Salazar | Real Wedding: Rain and Romance


18. Cookies

Speaking of food, look at the detail on these cookies! Our eyes are totally stuck on those cool and yummy treats!

Photo: Nelwin Uy | Styled Shoot: Editorial Fest 2014: Elopement Editorial


19. Cake topper

Yes, you can use your names as cake toppers, but don’t you just love how this couple made their cake topper extra fun?

Photo: Jowell Mariano | Real Wedding: Love, Lights, and Starry Nights


20. Dance floor

Can you even personalize a dance floor? Yes, you can. Look at what this couple did!

Photo: Jaja Samaniego | Real Wedding: Warm and Whimsy


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