7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Entourage and Wedding Guests Feel Appreciated!

A wedding is a milestone you’ll remember for a lifetime, and a big part of the reason why it brims with happiness is the people you choose to spend that special day with. Your family and friends show up because they want nothing more than to show you how much you are loved. So, here are some ideas on how you can give love back!

7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Entourage and Wedding Guests Feel Appreciated!

Say Thank You for Their Efforts
Something as simple as saying ‘thank you’ will be highly appreciated. Who could ever disregard the value behind this phrase? Your entourage will be investing effort and resources to help bring your plans to life, while your guests will also be taking time from their day to celebrate with you. People who care about you realize how important your wedding day is, so a ‘thank you’ for their presence would be meaningful.

This might take some effort, but it will be so touching if you can reply to each individual congratulatory message after the wedding. Of course, nothing beats hearing it from you, so don’t forget to thank those who will be with you in-person!

Propose to Your Entourage in a Thoughtful Way
It’s always an honor to be chosen as part of the bridal party! Your entourage members each hold a significant place in your life, and that’s why you want them to have a role. I’m sure your closest friends and relatives would happily agree to being part of your entourage, and it would be a great idea to ask them sincerely. After all, roles come with responsibilities, so proposing to your entourage will make things official! It will also be good to give them a heads up if you’re assigning tasks like coordinating with guests, assembling invitations, attending fittings, and more.

Offer to Assist with Expenses, If Possible
You can offer to cover costs like hair and makeup, accommodations, or attire, if you have room in your budget. You can specifically allocate a percentage of your wedding budget for your entourage, if possible. If you’re envisioning matching jewelry for your bridesmaids, you can set aside an amount for this expense to help them out. Though your entourage members would also anticipate chipping in, a treat from you would be a pleasant surprise. Consider this a gift from you to your bridal party!

Send Tokens to Loved Ones Who Can’t Make it to the Wedding
It’s difficult to curate a guest list, because it usually means excluding a few people who you’d really want to invite but cannot due to circumstances like COVID-19 restrictions. Even if they don’t get an invitation, or suddenly become unable to attend, another gesture you can offer is sending them food similar to your reception menu or your wedding souvenirs. If it’s safe to do so, you can also consider arranging a post-wedding day brunch as a way to extend the party!

Be Open to Suggestions
Often, you’ll hear lots of unsolicited wedding planning advice from people you know, but it’s okay not to listen to all of them. As a classy bride, you can graciously nod your head and say ‘thank you.’ But do be open to pieces of advice that are worthwhile such as budget hacks, recommendations for the best suppliers, what to do at a wedding fair, among others. Some of your married friends could share practical lessons they learned through experience, especially major mishaps to avoid! Loved ones who truly mean well will give you advice worth listening to, so being receptive to those ideas might benefit you.

Properly Break the News About Your Intimate Wedding
We’ve written an article on how to break the news about your small wedding to your big family, and to sum it up, the best way to do so is by letting them know right away. Try not to prolong the anticipation and unintentionally raise their expectations about being invited to the wedding. It’s a difficult conversation to have, but if you do it with kindness and sincerity, they will surely understand. You can ask your parents to help you spread the word, but it would be better for the news to come straight from you.

Make Everyone Feel Included
This tip applies to live streamed wedding ceremonies. Whenever there are venue restrictions, the number of guests are limited. Still you wouldn’t want a division between those who are invited in-person and the guests joining via a video call. They all equally matter to you! Here’s a good idea from a wedding I attended – have your virtual guests wear clothes that match your wedding motif, and assign a spot in the program for your photo ops with them. This way, they will really feel part of the celebration even through their screens!

No one wants to hear they’re becoming a “bridezilla” while planning a wedding. Putting together one of the most special days of your life might not be an easy process, but you can certainly do it with grace and lots of love. What are some ways you express love for your friends and family? Let us know in the comments!

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