5 Lovely Wedding Color Combinations That Go Well With Green

Green is such a calm, natural color. You see it everywhere, and I bet most of us can’t appreciate it enough. If you’re thinking about incorporating it in your wedding, you came to the right place. Let us show you five lovely color schemes that go well with green for your wedding!

5 Lovely Wedding Color Combinations That Go Well With Green

1. Nature-inspired Nuptials

Bring out the different shades of leaves and tree trunks, and voila, you have yourself a nature-inspired wedding! The browns, greens, and yellows work together to bring a harmonious, natural, yet different look to your wedding. Not a lot of brides experiment with these colors for fear of their wedding looking boring, but that’s not the case when pulled off well!

Photo: Joseph Pascual


2. Eclectic Elegance

We see a lot of pinks and greens together in weddings, but not usually like this. Blush and light pink colors, coupled with bold and deep greens, look exceptionally gorgeous. You may also opt to have muted yellows to bridge the two color groups together, which effectively makes for a beautiful combination, don’t you think?

Photo: Team Benitez


3. Monochrome Minimalist

While minimalist weddings don’t just mean having a green color scheme, this particular batch of greens evoke the minimalist vibes because of its monochromatic color scheme. Perfect for a garden wedding where you want nature to speak for itself, or if you want to dress up your venue with greens, greens, and nothing but greens!

Photo: Toto Villaruel


4. Summer Splice

Typically, warm colors like salmon and burnt red bring out the aesthetic of fall. Coupled with greenery, however, and you have yourself a nice twist! You can use reds and oranges to liven up and give a contrast to the greens, making your wedding feel alive and add that touch of fiery fun to your wedding’s look!

Photo: Rainbowfish Studios


5. Romantic Rush

This very sweet and mysterious color combo caught my attention right away! I just love how the delicate and muted pinks and violets seem to display utter romance. If colors could speak, this quintet would probably sound so sweet. Undeniably sophisticated, this just shows that greens can really add beauty to your wedding.

Photo: MangoRed Studios


If you think about it, green is almost always a part of the color scheme because of the foliage. But if you highlight it even further like the choices above, it can really make for a stunning wedding look. What did you think, darlings? Let us know your favorite color scheme in the comments below!

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