Classic Wedding Color Palettes

One of the first things a bride-to be thinks of when planning for her wedding is the color palette. Nowadays some brides tend to be very experimental and bold with the colors and themes they choose, while others tend to lean towards muted, pastel colors. Either way, any color can really bring about a beautiful wedding when executed tastefully. And with the numerous weddings we’ve featured here at Bride and Breakfast, I’m sure you’ll be able to get inspiration from the different color schemes real brides chose for their special day. Here are a few of the classic color palettes that brides nowadays like to go for.

1. Blush Pink. I’m actually a fan of blush pink weddings because everything’s very light and classy. May it be in the gown, the florals, or other wedding details, blush pink really gives off this pure, effortlessly chic feel to the whole event, just like in Jops and Erika’s garden wedding. [Photo: Canary Studios PH]

2. Beige. Another color a lot of brides opt for is beige. In Buji and Nikki’s wedding, details like the shoes and invitations were beige, and so were the groom and his men! [Photo: Air Balloon Project]

3. Blue. This color can range from midnight, to navy, to a cute baby blue. Either way, all these shades work nicely for a refreshing take on a wedding. How about several shades of blue for the entourage and invitation, like in Wyatt and Lara’s wedding? [Photo: Bryan Venancio]

4. Gray. For another classic pastel color, we have gray, which some grooms like to use for their suit color like in Gino and Steph’s wedding. [Photo: Benjie Tiongco]

And some brides like to use for their entourage dresses, like in this wedding. [Photo: J Lucas Reyes]

5. Mint. A touch of color to the invite can take it up a notch, just like how mint details were added to the invitations in this wedding. [Photo: J Lucas Reyes]

The light mint hue for entourage dresses can really make colored florals pop out, just like in Kevin and Trish’s wedding. [Photo: Marlon Capuyan]

6. White. While others add some color to the entourage and reserve the all-white ensemble for the bride, others embrace all-white details for the wedding and still manage to stand out.

Look at how cute Arlette and her flower girls are all dressed in white! [Photo: Blufish Photography]

You can never go wrong with a white tablescape for an elegant look, just like in this wedding. [Photo: Myio Okamoto]

7. Red. For a real pop of color, some opt for red. A very strong and bright color, and if used tastefully, can really bring out a regal, chic look, just like in Bin and Boop’s wedding. [Photo: Pat Dy]

You can also just add hints of red, like in Karina’s bouquet here. [Photo: Rainbowfish Photography]

These are just some of the classic color palettes of weddings today, but with the spectrum of color choices available, you can go any direction you wish! Share with us some of your ideas for wedding color palettes and combinations–we’re interested to hear what you have in mind!

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