6 Gorgeous Blush Wedding Color Combos

So you’re all set to have pink in your wedding’s color scheme. That’s great! From soft blush tones to bold fuchsia hues, pink always manages to exude that romantic and feminine touch that brides seem to look for. Maybe that’s why blush has been really dominating the wedding game. If you’re one of those ladies captivated by this color, boy do we have a treat for you! Curious? Today, we’re showing you six possible wedding color combinations that go well with blush! Read on below!

6 Gorgeous Blush Wedding Color Combos

1. Classic and Elegant

For the bride who wants to tone things down and is obsessed with neutrals plus a pop of color, then this is perfect for you. Gold can be your accent color just to give an added sparkle in the celebration. The thing about this palette is it looks timeless–always a good idea!

Photo: Dave Sabio


2. Fresh and Light

What this reminds me of are a garden of fresh flowers and sunny skies. It just screams “nature”, which is probably something a lot of garden wedding fans will love. I can already imagine the gorgeous bouquet these colors can create!

Photo: Art On Cue Studios


3. Pretty and Pantone

I don’t think this combo is going away anytime soon! Weddings seem to welcome the way these colors come together–just add more color variations for depth, and you’re good to go!

Photo: LJ Iglupas


4. Stylish and Contemporary

Fans of modern minimalist color schemes, this just might be what you’re looking for. Rose gold is another very popular gold color alternative, so use it to add shimmer and metallic finishes to some of your decor. And you’ll never go wrong with adding that touch of black!

Photo: Photography by Regina


5. Cool and Chic

It may come off as slightly vampy, but this gorgeous cool-toned color palette is actually one of my favorites! It’s the perfect mix of light and dark, with an added touch of purples for that deep, mysterious look. This particular quad brings autumn feels to our tropical country too!

Photo: Team Benitez Photo


6. Bold and Edgy

For the experimental bride who wants her wedding to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with this color scheme. Darker colors really have been making their way into weddings, and we’re liking it! Blush will be the accent color here and not the primary one.

Photo: Rainbowfish Studios


Don’t feel limited to having just one color in your wedding–unless a monochromatic look is what you’re really going for. Have fun and put a lot of interesting shades together, and make your wedding even dreamier than how you planned it out in your head! Be inspired, loves!

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