6 Interesting Types of Photos We’ve Been Seeing in Weddings and Engagement Shoots

Photos are the closest thing you have to freezing your wedding moments in time. Knowing how important documentation is, we’ve noticed couples are making their photos more reflective of their personalities and the type of wedding they’ve been dreaming of. That is because photos help you capture your wedding in the way you would like for it to be remembered years and years from now. Every bride and groom wants to look back on their wedding with so much joy and fondness, of course!

We’ve seen several photo ideas that truly take creativity and sentimentality up a notch, and so we highlighted six of them right here to share with you. From photos captured on film cameras, editorial pictorials, and more. Here are interesting ideas for you!

Tell Your Love Story
Among the submissions we’ve been receiving, there are quite a number of photoshoots that depict the couple in the most natural, and spontaneous ways. Recently, brides and grooms are focusing more on capturing what their love story is all about through images! Some of these genuine moments caught on camera include strolling the city streets, sitting back with a cup of coffee, or even competing over a game of chess.

Photographer: Gil Samson Films / Engagement Shoots: Love and Hobbies: This Couple Documents Their Favorite Time Spent Together


Capture the Sunrise and Sunset 
“The golden hour” or the “magic hour” where the sun emits its warmest and most beautiful light at one hour after sunrise, and the last hour before sunset. It’s no secret that this is the moment everyone wants to photograph! We’ve been noticing a lot more couples favoring outdoor weddings, and even morning weddings with preparations beginning as early as 3am. So, sunrise and sunset photos are becoming a must, and we can see why. The golden hour is a romantic setting, and probably no other lighting technique could match the actual beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

Photographer: Nice Print Photo / Real Weddings: A Date to Remember: This Couple Held Their Wedding on the Bride’s Birthday


Dolled Up by Wardrobe Stylists
Part of what makes wedding and engagement photos so remarkable to see would be the fashion! Some couples have been investing in professional wardrobe stylists to help them figure out which outfits would complement each other as well as their chosen venue or theme. It also saves them the trouble of stressing about what shoes and accessories go with which outfit. Whether it’s thrifted clothing or glamorous gowns and suits, the right style definitely helps give that extra wow factor in your photos.

Photographer: EP Studios / Engagement Shoots: This Couple Thrifted Their Outfits and Shot a Scenic Engagement Shoot in an Open Field


Shoot with Film
There’s just something so nostalgic about film cameras! Another gimmick couples are a fan of these days is providing their guests with disposable film cameras so they can capture their own wedding moments. Brides and Grooms love this idea because they get to see their wedding through the perspective of their loved ones. You can even hand a film camera over to your official photographer so they can take some candid snaps of your reception.

Photographer: Martin San Diego / Real Weddings: What Made This Wedding Look Intimate, Relaxed, and Candid? We List Down 5.


Strike an Editorial Pose
Engagement photoshoots also give brides and grooms the best excuse to get glammed up, and strike a pose like having their own editorial spread. When else can you get the chance to have your very own private photo session, after all? Couples take full advantage of their engagement shoots to go all out!

Photographer: ProudRad / Real Weddings: Travel Back in Time Through This Elegant Old-Manila Themed Engagement Shoot


Document Love Over the Weekend!
Weddings aren’t just limited to one day anymore. A number of couples have been choosing to celebrate over a whole weekend or to separate their celebration across multiple days. Professional photographers and videographers are also becoming present in events like engagement parties, bridal brunches, after-parties, and more. All these celebrations are just as important as the wedding day itself, so they all deserve to be captured and preserved!

Photographer: Rock Paper Scissors Photo / Real Weddings: This Couple’s Wedding Plans Were Fun Like Friday Night

Which of these ideas would you like to try out yourself? Tell us in the comments! If you need more photoshoot inspiration, read our articles on how to pose confidently according to photographers and creative engagement photoshoot themes.

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