12 Decor Ideas for Your Reception Table Instead of Flowers

As much as we love flowers and how they add beauty to any sort of wedding styling, there are just those times where you want to change things up a little by making use of different decor other than flowers. If you’re that bride-to-be (or groom-to-be) who wants things different and unique (and maybe less […]

6 Unique Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Reception Table

There are a number of key elements at every wedding reception table. The flowers, the plateware, the menu cards–these are all staples at a formal table setup. But what if you want to mix these staples up a little, and get them to stand out individually and look more unique? Well, today, we’ve got six […]

6 Exciting Games You Can Play At Your Wedding Reception

Every bride and groom hopes for an unforgettable wedding reception. And while there are many ways to pull that off–good food, great music, and a breathtaking setup–one of my favorite things to do at a wedding reception is to play games. It’s a great way to keep your guests entertained, share more cute tidbits about […]

This City Hotel Provides Your Wedding with a 360 Degree View of Manila

When you’re in search of the perfect location for your wedding day, there are certain requirements to keep in mind–a good location, a great price, and the perfect ambience! What if I were to say that you could have the romantic wedding of your dreams overlooking the city? The moment we discovered City Garden Grand […]

We’ve Listed Down Some of the Best Ideas for Your Wedding Reception this July 2017!

Throughout the whole month of July, we gave out lots of ideas for your wedding reception. As one of the most important parts of a wedding, it’s not surprising why it’s something that couples really focus on. Packing a program for entertainment, good food and drinks, and socializing the whole night–there’s a reason why guests […]