7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable

Your wedding is coming up, you’re wondering what you can do to make your big day a night to remember, but you can’t quite think of anything? Don’t stress, we listed down seven fun ways for your celebration to be far from boring. Get your family, friends, and guests excited with what your wedding has in store for them!


1. Get a good host

Bringing life to the party, a good host knows how to keep your guests entertained and keep the night as exciting as ever! Make sure to meet your host prior to the big day, so that he or she can get to know you as a couple better, for a more personalized night of fun. A host throwing cute and interesting facts about you and your hubby always makes for a great attention drawer. Other characteristics of a good host are being able to hold your guests’ attention, adjusting to the personalities of your guests, and saying witty on-the-spot lines that will give your guests a good laugh. With all this in mind, Atom Ungson, Eri Neeman, and RJ Ledesma are great hosts you should consider getting for your big day!


2. Go for a 360 Selfie booth

Taking lots and lots of photos is always fun, especially when you’re all dressed and made up! What if you take it up a notch for your guests by going from just a photo booth to a video booth station? 360 Selfie is here to upgrade the video booth experience for your wedding. Did I mention that you shoot and share your 360 Selfies on site too? More and more brides have been loving the 360 Selfie, so this is something you would want to consider for your wedding. You can rent their services for a minimum of four hours, so it’s definitely worth a try!


3. Prepare games and activities

Get your guests to interact with each other by bringing in fun games and activities! Table games, like “Who’s More Likely To: Bride and Groom edition” encourages team effort and conversation among table mates as to which answer to raise. Laying out fun “Would You Rather?” cards on each table can also help guests warm up by having them get to know each other better. Even holding out a simple rock-paper-scissors game, where the last person standing can win a prize, will do! Plan games and activities that include interaction to give your guests a memorable night.


4. Opt for the GlamShot booth

We talked about having a video booth earlier, but if you’re looking at options for going above and beyond for your guests, you’re going to want to check 360 Selfie‘s newest offering–the GlamShot! For a unique and glamorous experience, this fully customizable and prismatic video booth gives your guests celeb-worthy kaleidoscopic shots that they can share on-site. With GlamShot by 360 Selfie at your wedding, we could already imagine your guests talking about your special day for a long while!


5. Set up an interactive food station

What’s better than great tasting food? Food that you can customize, of course! A sushi-rolling setup or an ice cream sundae bar are just a few food station ideas that can give your guests the freedom to experiment and create their ideal bites. Mixing and matching food options is always fun, and trust us when we say that happy tummies mean happy weddings!


6. Find a good band and/or DJ

A celebration is not complete without good music! To keep your guests entertained, get a band and/or DJ to play the tunes worth heading to the dance floor for. Your choice of music will depend on your guests’ profile, so get your band and/or DJ to play music that your guests can dance the night away and sing along to! Give your guests the chance to hand in their song requests too, for a much more unforgettable night! You can check out this list of DJs to book for your wedding.


7. Plan a fun surprise for your guests

Whether it’s a surprise dance number by a professional dance crew, a surprise song number by you and your hubby, or even a grand fireworks display, fill the night with surprises for your guests! The anticipation your guests will experience will create an atmosphere of fun and excitement–making your reception a memorable one. Plus, planning these surprises is like a way of thanking your guests for joining you in celebration of your big day!


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