What to Do During the Gap Between Your Ceremony and Reception

Let’s be honest here, there’s that one part during the wedding day where guests will tend to get bored, impatient, and hungry. Yup, we’re talking about that long gap after you say I Do and before the main reception program begins. While you’re busy taking post-ceremony photos and doing touch-ups, it’s also a great idea to make every minute worthwhile for your waiting guests. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant either. So, what exactly can you do in between? We have some recommendations to help you out!

What to Do During the Gap Between Your Ceremony and Reception

Serve Cocktails and Refreshments
One of the things guests will always appreciate is food. During my friend’s wedding, the caterers immediately brought over drinks and appetizers. I can still remember what they were: nachos and beignets with kesong puti foam. Delicious! It was enough to fill us up until the buffet was officially open. Serving cocktails is a good consideration so your guests won’t go hungry while waiting. You can also have a donut wall or a grazing table where your guests can pick what they want to eat and enjoy. A couple we featured even had a hotdog skewers station, because it’s the groom’s favorite!

Do a Photo Wall Setup or Photo Booths
Weddings are always picture-worthy events, and your guests will surely have their cameras ready all-day. You can be creative by having a photo wall setup or areas where they can capture all the photos they want. Decorate these spaces with your own personal photos or with details related to your theme. Another idea is to provide guests with disposable film cameras so they can take pictures of their own wedding moments and share them with you afterwards!

Photographer: Metrophoto / Real Weddings: Official Wedding Photos and SDE Video of Megan Young and Mikael Daez are Up!

Have Your Host Facilitate Reception Table Games
To energize everyone, you can also consider coming up with games they can play right at their tables. You could also prepare simple prizes for this. Have your host do a bride and groom trivia: Who’s most likely to, facts about the bride and groom, etc. And how about a photo scavenger hunt? Create a list of 10 to 20 wedding moments you want your guests to capture (ex: Group photo of the entourage, photo of the venue, someone dancing, the couple’s kiss, and more). Have them tag you in the photos or ask them to use your hashtag. At the end of the night, you’ll have so many more photos to look back on!

Prepare a Fun and Unique Activity
Apart from reception table games, you can also come up with fun activities. We previously featured a couple who hosted their wedding at a villa with a swimming pool. So they had all their friends and family go swimming right after the ceremony! Another couple that we also highlighted here on Bride and Breakfast created their own wedding newsletter. Their love story was on the cover, and the rest of the articles were written by close friends and family members. There was even a crossword puzzle! The guests could simply enjoy reading the newsletter while waiting for the program to start. Cool idea, right?

Photographer: Art of Hope Creatives / Real Weddings: This Couple Chose a Poolside Wedding Venue That All of Their Guests Enjoyed

Provide Musical Entertainment
Good music will always equate to a good time! If you’re reserving the DJ for the after-party, you can have a string quartet or your ceremony musicians kick-off cocktail hour. Sweet and melodious tunes can set the mood for your reception, too. Just imagine how beautiful it would be for your guests to be welcomed with live music!

Do a Tour of Your Venue
If you’re celebrating your wedding at places such as a museum, a heritage house, and the like, a tour would be a unique way to entertain your guests. They will get to appreciate the story behind the surroundings and why you chose that particular venue. We also featured a couple who had their reception at an art museum and it was so picturesque. And of course they made the gallery tour as part of their program! It’s a noteworthy idea that you can consider when picking wedding venues as well.

Photographer: Regina Roque / Real Weddings: This Couple Chose an Art Museum as Their Wedding Venue
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