Couples are Treating Their Guests with These Fun Digital Gimmicks!

Why do soon-to-weds spend so much time, money, and effort in preparing for their wedding reception? More than wanting to impress, couples just want to make their celebration of love to be as memorable as possible even to their guests. With weddings happening again, it’s no surprise that gimmicks now take on a digital form and turn to social media for relevance. 360 Selfie PH, an event technology company who introduced digital instagrammable experiences here in the Philippines, walks us through the different interactive upgrades that can make any wedding day “social media official”. Check it out!

Couples are Treating Their Guests with These Fun Digital Gimmicks!

Holo Foto

A printed photo but waaay cooler! The Holo Foto is a first-of-its-kind concept where photoshoot quality portraits are printed using the highest definition lenticulars, giving your guests the best wedding giveaway! They say that the photos are so good that it’s almost unbelievable that it was taken in a photobooth! Produced with lightning fast speed, 360 Selfie PH can produce up to five Holo Fotos in three minutes!


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Glamshot Infinity

As if your guests entered a whole new world, GlamShot Infinity is the first dynamic infinity video booth in the Philippines that was inspired by teamLab Borderless, a popular digital art museum in Japan. ⁣You can choose from 360 Selfie PH‘s carefully curated artistic infinity environments or you can have one custom made! Having a secret garden themed wedding? Transport your guests to an interactive digital garden they will never forget!

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How do guests usually react to these gimmicks in weddings? Weddings today are more inventive, and couples see the value in gifting their guests with unique experiences. Clients have told us how their guests raved about their high-tech mementos for days and even weeks after the wedding

360 Selfie Slo Mo

Have you seen the Grammy’s Glambot video that went viral? Imagine that slo mo effect combined with the 360 video booth experience where a camera revolves around the subject–you get the 360 Selfie SloMo! The quality is cinematic, so it gives your wedding guests a TVC-like souvenir they will never forget!

360 Selfie Slo Mo from Waveplay Interactive on Vimeo.



Walking through a tunnel of neon lights has glam written all over it. This Hollywood-level experience will unleash the celebrity star quality from your guests and they’re going to love it! One of the grandest video booths yet, the Pyramid is perfect for galas and weddings.


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Where do you see this trend going? What's next? The pandemic cemented the use of tech in our lives in a massive way. In the age of Tiktok, stories and reels on Instagram and Facebook, digital souvenirs and other creative video technologies are becoming event must-haves.


Inspired by K-Pop music videos and TikTok, Copycam is the first in Philippine events to offer real time replication that can instantly be shared on social media. It’s a versatile technology that can be fully customize, making it ideal for weddings and once-in-a-lifetime events that are highly personal.

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Runway Studio

Your guests prepared well to look their best on your wedding day. Give them a virtual runway to show off their look! All outputs are produced real time and are shared on the spot! What a treat!


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With these really cool event upgrades, your guests will surely remember how much fun they had on your wedding day! Visit their website for more details.

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