8 Ways to Wow Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception

While you, your friends, and your family might have shed some tears during your heartfelt ceremony, you have your reception to more than make up for that with oodles of fun! Arguably the most memorable part of the wedding, receptions are usually met with food, drinks, and dancing. But there are unique ideas and fun things you can try, to add that extra wow factor to your wedding! Check out this list of cool ideas you’d definitely want to do for your own wedding, stat.


1. Have caricatures of your guests drawn 

Photo: Nicolai Melicor | Wedding: Rustic Radiance

Think you can invite a caricaturist to your wedding? Go ahead! These fun drawings can be an excellent giveaway for your guests! Who doesn’t enjoy discovering what they look like in cartoon form?


2. Get the 360 Selfie Videobooth

Instead of the usual photo booth, in this digital age of Boomerangs and Stories, why not create something more dynamic–like the 360 Selfie! This 360 camera videobooth captures you and your guests full circle, acting all wacky (or fierce!) and having the time of your lives! You can also customize the 360 Selfie to match your wedding theme. Isn’t that so much fun?


3. Be creative with the guest cards

Photo: Rock Paper Scissors | Wedding: A Seaside Bliss

Another cool and creative way to show your guests to their table is to create guest cards that are related to your theme or venue! For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, paper boats will work perfectly. Or if it’s travel-themed, what about airplanes? Cute ideas like this make a statement!


4. Have a dessert wall or bar

Photo: Wendell Good Photos | Wedding: An Intimate Civil Wedding in Cebu

This is a creative way to incorporate your sweet tooth in the reception! In love with donuts? Then have a donut wall! Or maybe you’re head over heels about waffles, then you can recreate a waffle station where your guests can put all sorts of sauces! (I’m seriously getting hungry just typing all of this.)


5. Include an artsy activity

Get your guests’ hands busy! The Sketch to Life Digital Guest Book is a cool interactive activity where your guests can draw or write something on a special paper template, have it scanned, and it instantly comes to life as part of an animated multimedia presentation. It can match your wedding theme too, so your guests can write on anything you wish. Plus, it could act as an alternate display during lull parts of the reception (like while your guests are eating or while waiting for the reception to start) so they look forward to seeing their work flash on the screen!


6. Play some games

Photo: Benjie Tiongco | Wedding: A Grand City Wedding with a Bright Pink Theme

You can’t skip out on including classic games in your reception! But just what kind of games should you put? Try guessing games, like asking the guests which one between the bride or groom do they think acts a certain way. This personal touch will make everything enjoyable! And hey, you can check out more games here!


7. Host a “wedding photo scavenger hunt”

Photo: Metrophoto | Wedding: The Elegant and The Exquisite

A cool way to create social media buzz for your wedding is to send out cards with specific moments written on them for your guests to take a picture of! Things like, “the bride and groom kissing,” “flower girls playing,” and “guests hugging” could be a neat way to keep a digital album of your reception. Don’t forget to ask your guests to upload it with your wedding hashtag!


8. Install an interactive wall

Yep, you read that right! If you want to wow your guests at the entrance of your reception area, then this idea’s going to sound pretty neat. Imagine having an interactive wall that comes to life with a mere touch! Wall Alive will allow you to do such a thing. You can put your love story here, place the timeline of how you and your partner met, or maybe add trivia about you as a couple. Now that’s definitely going to be a grand entrance! Watch the video above to see what we mean.


We hope this inspired you to take that extra step in having a unique reception! Which idea did you like the most? Share it with us in the comments below!


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    1. Hi Julie,

      The person who made the drawings was Gia Leuterio. You can click on the link of the real wedding (Rustic Radiance) above to see more of the set. Hope this helps!

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