7 Ways You Can Make Waiting Time Between the Ceremony and the Reception Fun for Your Guests

Everyone is far too familiar with the waiting time after the ceremony, before the reception. During this time, things can get boring and guests can get restless real quick. If you’re wondering what to do to keep your guests entertained in this in-between time, we’re here to help! We’ve come up with seven ideas you can try out. See them all now!

7 Ways You Can Make Waiting Time Between the Ceremony and the Reception Fun for Your Guests


1. Have a cocktail bar

Serve drinks and cocktail food, have a grazing table, get a donut wall or a taco bar–the food choices perfect for this time of waiting are endless! Plus, let’s admit it, food really does make everything better–and everyone happier too. So having food and drinks around is a no-brainer idea.


2. Plan activities

Fun and easy activities like D.I.Y. soap, bath salts, or candle-making, or even cocktail drinks making can help keep your guests’ minds off the waiting time. They’ll be focused on creating and concocting things that can also double as their giveaways too!


3. Organize games

Games like a simple scavenger hunt or ring toss, the classic How-Well-Do-You-Know-The-Couple quiz, or even a fun karaoke competition are perfect to keep your guests entertained in between the ceremony and the reception.


4. Hire an entertainer

If games or activities are too much of a sweat for you, you can opt to hire an entertainer instead. A singer or a band or even a caricaturist or a magician will surely add some fun to this time and make time fly faster for your guests–waiting won’t even feel like waiting anymore!


5. Have a love story photo board or wall

Reliving any couple’s love story is always interesting and fun. Create a photo board or wall showing how you and your partner first met, the first “I love you”, the proposal story, etc. It’s a creative way to keep your guests busy and entertained during this time of waiting.


6. Get a photo booth

Mostly every wedding nowadays has a photo booth during the reception. But why not have one even earlier, like the time after the ceremony and before the reception? Besides, let’s admit it, one can never take too many photos, right?


7. Have a marriage advice bowl

Let your guests write down their marriage advice and date-night tips on a wedding notebook or have them drop their notes in a cute bowl, chest, jar, or whatever container you fancy. Small, thoughtful gifts like these are always nice. Plus, it gives your guests something to do while waiting for the reception!


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