Sneakers, Latte Toasts, and Local Suppliers: This Couple Found Beauty in the Unconventional!

How did Adonis and Yola pull off an intimate wedding on a 200k budget without a wedding coordinator? Let’s find out! The bride and groom first ditched the pre-nup shoot, as well as having a band at their wedding. Instead, they opted to create their own Spotify wedding playlist. The couple also made the conscious […]

Clean and Minimalist Styling Made True Love the Star of This Intimate Civil Wedding!

While they wait for their grand church wedding scheduled on a later date, A-jay and Justine decided to begin their life together as husband and wife through an intimate civil wedding. What a beautiful event it was with clean, minimalist details worthy to be on wedding mood boards. There’s no doubt that the muted aesthetic […]

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Here Are 10 Things the Pandemic Changed about Weddings in the Last Year

Wedding trends come and go and they are heavily influenced by what’s popular on media, fashion industry movements, and signs of the times. The trends and styles are constantly shifting, but nothing has rocked the boat quite like the COVID-19 pandemic has in the past year. From postponing weddings to completely changing what weddings look […]

From Neighbors to Newlyweds: A Beautiful and Intimate Celebration at Home

It’s been said that sometimes, you search everywhere only to find exactly what you’re looking for waiting right in front of you. Today’s featured couple, Carlos and Monica, lived on the same street, but only crossed paths a few years ago. Their homes, as well as the street their houses shared, became a place where […]

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These Photographers Give Tips on Posing Confidently and Naturally for Your Wedding Photos!

Not all of us are used to being in front of the camera, so it’s perfectly normal to feel shy or like we have no idea what we’re even doing! We all know how important wedding and engagement photos are because they are lasting memorabilia of your most special day. These are the images you […]