Weddings are Slowly Coming Back and This Photographer Tells Us What It’s Like

After 70 days, wedding photographer Pat Dy finally took out his camera to shoot his very first civil wedding after the almost three-month ban in social gatherings. He shared with us his personal experience and suggestions with the hopes of helping both couples and wedding suppliers navigate through today’s unusual wedding landscape. Note that what he shares below are not official policies for weddings but it will help all of us get a glimpse of how weddings are like now.


  • All preparation coverage will be at the bride’s house only. Solo shoot of the groom will probably take place after the ceremony
  • Couples are still encouraged to hire a wedding coordinator even for civil and intimate weddings
  • Wearing of face mask and face shields are a must during weddings
  • Couples and family members should check that they are not blocking the photographer during video call sessions
  • Pat Dy plans to revise his rates and include a “with and without reception coverage” option

“Since we have limited staff, in my case two photographers and a driver the most, we won’t be going to the grooms house anymore. We will approach it old simple style where we’ll be at the bride’s place only.”  -Pat Dy, Wedding Photographer

Solo shoot of the groom will probably take place after the ceremony. This will also be safer for everyone since there will be less movement and lesser interaction with other people. If a couple will insist of having another photographer for the groom, it needs to be added to the package.


“Civil ceremonies done at home or at a venue will still need a wedding coordinator to help time things properly.” -Pat Dy, Wedding Photographer

Many may think that since there are lesser people to manage and lesser suppliers to coordinate with, wedding coordinator are not needed. But based on Pat Dy’s experience, having someone to facilitate the timings and make sure that the flow of everything is smooth is still very helpful. Especially now that both the couple and wedding suppliers are still figuring out the new wedding landscape, hiring a wedding coordinator will make it easier for everyone.


“Wearing of face masks and face shields are very important since the couple will be taking off their masks during the shoot and we’ll be talking to them a lot.” -Pat Dy, Wedding Photographer

Pat Dy shared that according to his doctor friend, wearing a full PPE is not needed when going out. Protecting yourself with a face mask and face shield is good enough if it’s partnered with good hygiene. Remember to bring your own water bottle, avoid touching your face, and bring sanitizers everywhere you go.


“Video calls will be part of the new norm.” Pat Dy, Wedding Photographer

The usual movements in a wedding are now different. Both couples and suppliers are now figuring out on how to navigate through video call setups without blocking the view of the photographer and videographer. Technical difficulties can also be a cause of distraction but it’s a small sacrifice for the couple to have guests on their wedding day.


“There will be two rates for me: with and without reception. I’m pushing for a no reception coverage since it’s much safer this way.” -Pat Dy, Wedding Photographer

Though ecstatic that he gets to shoot weddings again, safety is still top priority for Pat Dy now that very small scale gatherings are allowed. Unlike how he did wedding coverages before that stretched until the afterparty, he plans to cut it down to only until post ceremony. He finds it a risk to cover the reception party since people will be removing their masks to eat and would probably talk and celebrate with other guests.


At the end of the day, doing all the adjustments are all worth it. Wedding suppliers slowly resume work and some couples get to say their I do’s!

“It’s very organic and fun in many ways. There’s more time to shoot the couple and everything is very simple and intimate.” -Pat Dy, Wedding Photographer


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