This Wedding Proves That Love Conquers All

To say that “there is no difficulty that love will not conquer” may be easier said than done. Can you imagine pushing through with your dream wedding despite a volcanic eruption, a pandemic, and even after losing someone in your family? In the midst of adversity, it is inevitable to lose heart and hope. For […]

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7 Modern Ways You Can Walk Down the Aisle on Your Wedding Day

The moment of your bridal march only happens once in your life—of course you’re going to want every detail to be perfect. From the grand reveal of the full bridal look, to the careful selection of flowers that comprise the bouquet and line the ceremony aisle, much thought is put into their planning. Another element […]

This Wedding in an Italian Wine Cellar in Batangas Looks so Romantic!

What can be more charming than a wedding held in a beautiful wine cellar with rustic brick stoned walls and arched glass windows? When Pearl Studios shared this set with us, we immediately fell in love with how everything came together beautifully and with so much character. Mikko and Jaimee‘s intimate wedding visually transports us […]

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Here Are Some Roles You Can Give Your Furry Friends on Your Wedding Day!

Entourage? Check! Wedding suppliers? Check check! Now that you’ve filled most of the important roles for your wedding day, how about giving a special one to your favorite pets? Whether you grew up together or it was simply love at first sight, pets definitely have a place in your wedding day. Whether you own a […]

8 Outfit Options If Your Groom Is Not a Suit Guy

With so much focus on the bride and the myriad of choices she has for her wedding dress, today we put the spotlight on grooms, specifically the grooms who are just not suit guys. You might think the only options for men are a formal suit or a traditional barong, but there are actually more […]