These are the Most Memorable Entourage Fashion Choices of 2021!

Apart from bridal gowns, there are also entourage outfits that left their mark this year. Entourage members can certainly step up when it comes to style, and make your whole wedding aesthetic even more remarkable. We love seeing so many exciting fashion choices, so we rounded up a few that truly stood out to us. From classic and unconventional colors, bold patterns, to uniquely designed details, these are some of the most memorable entourage ensembles of 2021. Read on and tell us which ones you like most, too!

These are the Most Memorable Entourage Fashion Choices of 2021!

Edgy Boots
Let’s talk about footwear! Don’t these boots look absolutely chic? This bridal squad is making the case for matching boots and we’re all for it! For this particular boho wedding, the boots are an excellent choice for the ladies’ wrap dresses. The length shows off their stylish choice for shoes. We also love the fact that they wore different styles of boots from stilettos to block heels. This entourage nailed the fashion.

Real Weddings: This Burnt Orange Boho Wedding Makes Us Wish There Was Autumn in the Philippines / Photographer: Conspire the Universe


Prints and Patterns
It’s so much fun to see prints and patterns on entourage dresses! Stripes, polka dots, even floral patterns certainly jazz up these lovely ensembles of Carla Abellana’s bride squad. Being adventurous and going for bold patterns as fabric makes your entourage stand out.

Real Weddings: Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana Enchants Us with a Dreamy Black and White Wedding / Photographer: Team Pat Dy, Pat Dy Photography, Chissai Bautista, Nelwin Uy Photography


Vintage accessories are always so dazzling, and they have such a timeless appeal, wouldn’t you agree? Headpieces are a beautiful way to add an extra wow factor for your entourage’s whole look just like the ladies from Ara Mina’s bridal party. The fascinators here look so elegant!

Real Weddings: Official Photos: Take a Look at Dave Almarinez and Ara Mina’s Intimate Wedding in Baguio / Photographer: Nice Print Photo


Modern Filipiniana
We’ve featured several Filipiniana themed weddings, so a modern interpretation of the terno is definitely included on this list. The silhouette of these Filipiniana dresses look so universally flattering, and it highlights how lovely the entourage members are even more. We find this uniformed style for your entourage so cohesive and pretty!

Real Weddings: Take a Look at the Lovely Modern Filipiniana Dresses in This Intimate Wedding / Photographer: Love and Other Theories


Details and Drama
Who wouldn’t love a bit of glamour and drama? You and your entourage deserve to go all out on your big day! In this wedding, the bride designed her entourage’s dresses herself and she made use of voluminous fabric and elegant structures to make each one unique.

Real Weddings: This Bride Had a Haircut in between the Wedding Ceremony and Reception / Photographer: Mayad Studios


Elegance in Black
There’s something so sophisticated about black, and yes, it is a suitable color for weddings. If you’re not the type who wears bold colors on a daily basis and you gravitate towards hues like black or white, there’s no need to shy away from them. You can achieve wedding looks that are timeless and elegant in black.

Real Weddings: A Modern Take on a Classic Black and White Motif: Check Out This Elegant and Minimalist Wedding / Photographer: Lex Alinsod


Fun and Colorful
On the other end of the spectrum is vibrant colors. Going for bold and colorful motifs makes a wedding looks extra exciting to see. Multicolored dresses like these are so interesting and sets the entourage apart from the rest.

Real Weddings: Bringing Color to the City: Spot the Subtle Rainbow Details in This Vibrant Wedding / Photographer: Chestknots Studio


Earth Tones
Another range of colors would be in the realm of warm, earth tones. These hues are so pleasing to the eyes and absolutely flattering for anyone. The sleek fabric of these cocktail dresses also add to how chic the bridal party looks.

Real Weddings: Fall in Love with the Fashion and Flowers from This Wedding in Pampanga / Photographer: Pearl Studio


Dainty Pastels
What we simply adore about these dresses would be the midi-length and how the colors and details complement the garden venue. The ladies are wearing different pastel colors and donning necklines that suit them so well. Using the same kind of fabric as the unifying element is also a clever idea!

Real Weddings: Delight in the Pastel Colors and Vintage Style of This Chic Garden Wedding / Photographer: Nice Print Photo


Pretty in Pink
Pink will always be a favorite, and it’s no surprise why because it’s such a pretty color. A classic hue like this will always be a great choice for dresses. One, solid color for the entourage’s attire makes the aesthetic look clean and sophisticated. You can add variation by letting your entourage members wear different necklines  just like this bride squad.

Real Weddings: This Wedding Gives Us the Classic Pinks and Peaches / Photographer: NQ Modern Photography


Varying Styles
Another interesting entourage look that we’ve seen this year is the bridesmaids wearing totally different dresses. If you’d like to break away from the norm, why not let your entourage choose their own attire? But give them a few guidelines such as what colors to wear, style of clothing, length of dresses, and the like. The result can be just as gorgeous as what these bridesmaids are wearing right here.

Real Weddings: Take Home Meals and a Coffee Cart: This Couple Had a Chill yet Meaningful Intimate Wedding in Bataan / Photographer: Toto Villaruel

If you and your entourage are planning outfits already, take a look at our article about how to dress your bridesmaids with tips from fashion designers for more inspiration and helpful expert advice.


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