This Bride Struck the Perfect Balance Between Being a Minimalist and Playfully Bold

Bride Lara exudes modern elegance in a minimalist dress with a charming oversized bow at the back. The true showstopper, though, are her colorful patterned shoes. At first glance, they might seem surprising, but in the context of their wedding, they are nothing short of beautiful. The entire wedding is accentuated by subtle pops of color through other elements such as tropical greenery and bright-colored blooms. From the bridal shoes to the decorations, these eye-catching details serve to highlight the event’s understated grace.

Benjamin and Lara’s wedding showcases how contemporary meets traditional, how simplicity harmonizes with elegance, and how the busy streets of Manila feels miles away when love is at the core of the celebration. Get inspired by these beautiful photos taken by Pat Dy.

Benjamin and Lara

Photographer: Pat Dy / Videographer: Notion in Motion / Hair and Makeup: Justine Soriano / Bride’s Dress: Boom Sason / Caterer: Cibo / Stylist: Zenas Pineda / Coordinator: Rita Neri / Band: 3rd Avenue / DJs: Gino Yulo, Mikko Santos, and Samboy Salinda

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