20 Details You Can Personalize For Your Wedding

What makes a wedding stand out? With all the weddings that we’ve seen here at B&B, we can tell you that someĀ of the things that make a wedding stand out from all the others are the details. And when we say details, we don’t just mean the decor, the flowers, or the styling. Simple thingsĀ like […]

The Nook: The Hopeless Romantics

It’s no secret to me that we have readers who are not yet engaged or even some who are not in a relationship. Many of whom secretly stalk the site because it’s a place where they can luxuriously appreciate the beauty and whimsy of weddings. Some are a bit shy to even let their family […]

A Love for Inspiration

Hello lovelies! Here at Bride and Breakfast we are very fortunate to get overwhelming support from websites like Loverly. This month, a few of our posts have been featured on their roundups and we are very proud to be heralding the best of our local suppliers! The bouquet we have been gushing over in this […]

Take a Bow (Tie)

Let’s take a break from those pretty weddings and jump into some super cute wedding details. Just yesterday I was raving about the cute bow ties of the couple Jojo and Myra. So that got me to thinking, how much do I really love those pretty little things? Well, enough to set a day writing […]