How Celebs Nailed the Modern Filipiniana Wedding and How You Can, Too

Forget cookie-cutter weddings! Filipino celebrity couples are taking the spotlight with fresh and fabulous takes on the modern Filipiniana theme. From grand church ceremonies to beachside bliss, each wedding infuses Filipino culture with a unique twist, reflecting the couple’s love story.

Thinking of doing the modern Filipiniana theme for your own wedding? Take cues from these celebrities.

How Celebs Nailed the Modern Filipiniana Wedding and How You Can, Too

<strong>Angeline Quinto and Nonrev Daquina: A Touch of Royalty</strong>

Royalty tying the knot–that’s exactly how Angeline and Nonrev’s wedding at Quiapo Basilica went. Truly, a majestic blend of tradition and modern elegance.The church bloomed with native flowers and capiz shells, while a flower-bedecked jeepney added a whimsical touch to their arrival.

Real Weddings: A Wedding Dream Come True: See the Official Wedding Photos of Angeline Quinto and Nonrev Daquina / Photographer: Mico Studios

<strong>Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda: Intimate Filipiniana Soiree</strong>

Robi and Maiqui’s wedding celebrated love with a touch of cultural flair. Their entourage donned classic barongs and Filipiniana dresses, while a wedding cake inspired by the Filipino pamaypay added a playful touch. Their celebration was both grand and intimate, bathed in the warm glow of elegant capiz lanterns.

Real Weddings: Intricate Details with the Warmth of Love: See the Official Wedding Photos of Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda / Photographer: Jaja Samaniego and Pearl Studios

<strong>Glaiza de Castro: Rustic Romance by the Sea</strong>

Glaiza de Castro’s beach wedding with David Rainey perfectly captured rustic romance with a Filipino twist. Glaiza’s modern terno gown, with its floral bodice and breezy silhouette, was a stunning take on tradition. The venue drew inspiration from Flores De Mayo arches, with a ceremony overlooking the ocean and a reception bathed in warm lantern and fairy lights.

Real Weddings: Glaiza De Castro Rocks a Modern Filipiniana Gown at Her Beach Wedding! / Photographer: Nice Print Photo

<strong>Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz: A Modern Fairytale with a Filipino Twist</strong>

Laureen and Miggy incorporated Filipino elements beautifully. The groom donned a barong embroidered with their love story, a unique and romantic touch. Traditional fans for the guests added a cultural flair, all woven into a stunningly modern wedding.

Real Weddings: An Epic Party with Meaningful Details: Here Are Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz’ Official Wedding Photos! / Photographer: Pat Dy, Team Pat Dy, Chissai Bautista, Nelwin Uy

<strong>KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde: Singing Their Hearts Out (Literally!)</strong>

KZ and TJ’s wedding was an intimate affair, bathed in a canopy of twinkling lights. But what truly set it apart were the barongs embroidered with lyrics from their songs! This personal touch perfectly captured their artistic love story.

Real Weddings: KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde’s Intimate Wedding Featured Barongs Embroidered with Poetic Lyrics / Photographer: Mico Studios

<strong>How to Create Your Dream Filipiniana Wedding</strong>

These celebrity weddings are just a starting point! Here are some ways to create your own unforgettable Filipiniana celebration:

<strong>Pick a Venue Steeped in History</strong>

A historic church, a serene beach, or a lush garden – choose a venue that reflects Filipino heritage and sets the tone for your theme. Consider a venue like a heritage mansion or Fort Santiago in Intramuros for a truly historic feel, or a resort nestled on a white sand beach for that relaxed island vibe.

<strong>Modernize Traditional Attire</strong>

Embrace barongs and Filipiniana gowns, but with a twist! Consider modern cuts, unconventional colors, or even a special embroidery telling your love story. Just like Laureen Uy, your groom can rock a barong with a unique design that reflects your love story.

<strong>Showcase Filipino Craftsmanship</strong>

Decorate with capiz shells, native flowers, and local textiles. It adds authenticity and beauty to your special day. Think about using woven fabrics like piña or abaca for table runners or chair covers, or incorporating intricate capiz shell chandeliers for a touch of elegance.

<strong>Infuse Personal Touches</strong>

Make it your own! Like KZ and TJ, incorporate elements that reflect your love story or cultural background. Perhaps you could have a traditional Filipino dance performance as entertainment, or serve your favorite local dishes during the reception.

<strong>Blend the Old and New</strong>

Don’t be afraid to mix traditional elements with modern aesthetics. This creates a timeless yet contemporary celebration. Imagine a classic Filipiniana gown with a modern silhouette, or traditional lanterns strung with fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere.

So, take inspiration from these Filipino celebrity weddings and create a modern Filipiniana wedding that reflects your unique love story and Filipino heritage. Make it a celebration that will be talked about for years to come!

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