Three Couples Reveal How They Transformed Wedding Mood Boards from Inspiration to Reality!

Whether you’ve been dreaming about the kind of venue, color motif, or theme, it just goes to show that you want to achieve a specific vision for the big day. Rightfully so, because of how significant and symbolic your wedding is! Those details on your mood board are there for a reason and not only for aesthetic purposes; those details are a reflection of your love story, too. But here’s the common issue: While you can scour the internet all day long for mood board inspo, how do you bring that mood board out of the screen and into reality without going over budget and drowning in stress?

We understand the struggle and we hear you, brides! So, we sat down with Josiah’s Catering, a supplier who has years of experience in the wedding industry, and years of experience making every bride and groom’s dreams come true, to find out the secret to making your vision happen minus the hassle.

If you have a mood board that you’ve been wanting to bring to life, keep on reading!

Three Couples Reveal How They Transformed Wedding Mood Boards from Inspiration to Reality

Rustic Garden Wedding Abraham Abesamis and Margo Remollo
Abraham and Margo asked for a wedding aesthetic that complemented and highlighted the beauty of the garden venue rather than masked it. As for the food, they wanted their guests to enjoy a sumptuous meal that evoked a celebratory vibe with a lasting and flavorful impression.

Abraham and Margo's Mood Board

<strong>The Look</strong>
Josiah’s Catering brought the mood board to life with a setup of naked tables, candles, flowers, and Edison lights that suited the fresh surroundings and created a feeling of warmth. The minimal table setting allowed guests to have more comfortable conversations in a very cozy atmosphere, too.

Photographer: Sammy Studios
Photographer: Sammy Studios

Abraham and Margo were assured that every detail would be cohesive especially during the Mock-Up Day experience with Josiah’s Catering, “They patiently showed every permutation we asked for. It never felt like you needed to stay within a strict time slot with Josiah’s. Their design really took into consideration the venue, and they did a fantastic job capturing the aesthetic we envisioned for our wedding reception.”

Photographer: Sammy Studios

<strong>Pull-Quote: You know they wrote everything down because what came out on our wedding day was exactly what we discussed.</strong>

<strong>The Menu</strong>
Good food was a top priority for this couple because they wanted their guests to go home with memories of a delicious dining experience from their wedding. Josiah’s Catering delivered with their menu of Sundried Tomato Pasta, Baked Salmon with Mango Butter Sauce, and interactive carving stations featuring Porchetta and Angus Ribeye Steak. “We selected the dishes that are Josiah’s Catering’s best per category and which they can execute well in an outdoor venue,” said the couple.

Photographer: Sammy Studios / Josiah’s Catering Porchetta

<strong>Moody and Dramatic Wedding</strong> <strong>Paolo Zapata and Kathleen Alix</strong>
Paolo and Kathleen had a very specific vision: A dramatic black and red motif with gold accents. The details should exude luxury while not being too over the top, and the overall theme must be inspired by their beloved dog who already crossed the rainbow bridge. His name was Onse. For the food, an abundant spread fit for a wedding! “I grew up in a family that believes the food you serve is a reflection of how you feel towards your guests, and the amount you serve is a silent wish for abundance,” says Bride Kathleen.

Paolo and Kathleen's Mood Board

<strong>The Look</strong>
Bride Kathleen sent her pegs to Josiah’s Catering around a year prior to the wedding. And much to her and Groom Paolo’s delight, Josiah’s created something even better than what was on their mood board. “Since they wanted to truly create my vision, they went out of their way to invest in items to fully execute all the details. They were so thoughtful that even the cutlery and drinking glasses contributed to the overall feeling of sophistication that I was aiming for.”

Photographer: Fishbowl Photo + Cinema
Photographer: Fishbowl Photo + Cinema

<strong>Pull-Quote: “The Mock-Up Day went so well. I was particular with some of the details but they never said ‘No’ or ‘It’s impossible’ when I was making requests. Their industry experience shined so much.”</strong>

Photographer: Fishbowl Photo + Cinema

<strong>The Menu</strong>
Paolo and Kathleen wanted to serve dishes that catered to various tastes, so they decided on a mix of Filipino and Western buffet menu selections. “My personal favorite was the lengua. My husband loved the porchetta. Honestly, the meals served during the food tasting and the meals served during the reception tasted exactly the same. The consistency of how they prepared and cooked everything was topnotch,” remarked Kathleen.

Josiah’s Catering Braised Ox Tongue in Mushroom and Chorizo Sauce

All-White Miniamlist Wedding Sam Wijangco and Arnie Villanueva

Sam and Arnie have always wanted a wedding that exuded timeless elegance with an all-white motif and a minimalist aesthetic. This couple was also meticulous about food, so they made sure to try out the offerings of several caterers before deciding on one who understood the assignment from welcome treats to desserts.

Sam and Arnie's Mood Board

<strong>The Look</strong>
Sam and Arnie carefully picked every detail of their wedding from the fresh blooms lining the aisle up to the long tables styled with white linen and elegant floral arrangements. “Josiah’s Catering was able to execute perfectly! We were pleasantly surprised by how everything turned out. It felt like stepping right into our wedding vision board,” they said. This couple also appreciated how collaborative and welcoming the Josiah’s Catering team was, “Ever since we started engaging with their team, they were very hands-on and took care of our needs. They truly know how to listen and deliver.”

Photographer: Bliss Photography & Films
Photographer: Bliss Photography & Films

When we entered the area where the mock up styling was staged, my husband and I said, “Where is the nearest Church? We want to get married now!” We were filled with joy and excitement seeing the sample execution, so much so that we wanted to get married at that very minute."

Photographer: Bliss Photography & Films

<strong>The Menu</strong>
A few months before the big day, Sam and Arnie had the chance to finalize their menu during another round of food tasting with Josiah’s Catering. “The toughest part came when we had to choose the final dishes for our wedding menu, because every selection presented to us was simply divine.” Some of their favorites were the Pan Seared Cobbler with Mango Butter Sauce, and the Grilled Mediterranean Chicken with Yogurt Sauce.

Josiah’s Catering Grilled Mediterranean Chicken with Yoghurt Sauce

After reading these stories, it’s apparent how Josiah’s Catering treats every couple with care, respect, and importance. Every aesthetic matters. Every detail matters. Every request matters. As a partner in making your wedding vision come to life, Josiah’s Catering is committed to fulfilling what you want without compromising. From the styling to the menu, these couples prove how much you can count on Josiah’s Catering.

So, how exactly do they guarantee that you truly get what you want? What all three couples raved about: the Mock-Up Day. Josiah’s Catering gives you a dedicated Mock-Up Day where you can see a staged version of your actual wedding reception table as well as finalize your menu. “The final food tasting also happens during the mock-up day. Our stylists will also be setting the VIP tables and guest tables. The couples have the freedom to give comments and changes. If there are any elements they wish to change, they just let us know and we’ll change them on the spot.”

Mock-Up Day for Josiah’s Catering couple Charles Virgo (center) and Roxy Calupad (left), assisted by Events Specialist Regina Rubis (right).

“We make sure all our clients' requests are accommodated and that they won’t end their Mock-Up Day not having achieved their vision.”

If you’d like to experience Josiah’s Catering’s attentive and collaborative service for yourself, send your inquiries to or follow @wearejosiahs on Instagram.

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