You’ll Want to Make This Dreamy Garden Wedding Your New Wedding Inspiration!

Who loves destination weddings? I’m sure I do! Marrying the person you love most, plus traveling to a place you adore–really, what’s not to love, right? Now you’ll be excited to know that today’s feature was held all the way in Cape Town, South Africa. The natural beauty of the place, with the bride’s stunning […]

This Bride Looked Stunning in Her Convertible Dress!

If you’re caught between wanting a big dress for your wedding day, but still want to be able to easily move around during your reception, then you’ll love today’s feature! The stunning convertible wedding dress by Philipp Tampus is a mix of class and convenience–everything this bride could have hoped for in her beach wedding. […]

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Find Out How This Cool Photographer Couple Saved Thousands on Their Beautiful Garden Wedding

For those who follow them on Instagram, you’d know how Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja, both travel photographers, can make you want to go to the beach with their amazing photographs. At 25, both of them tied the knot, and it was all sorts of gorgeous. The couple decided on a ₱300,000 budget, and were […]

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The Neutral Color Scheme and Vintage Details Give This Wedding a Timeless Look

How are you doing, ladies? Busy pondering about what motif would be a timeless choice for your wedding day? Go for a classic, neutral tone–it always helps achieve that timeless effect. Just look at how this couple did it in their wedding! Gino and Kamille opted for a simple yet sophisticated theme–and the result was […]

A Classic Romantic Wedding with a Green, White, and Champagne Theme

While grand weddings really do get us raving, understated weddings are really beautiful as well. And while tall arrangements or a really big dress can add some oomph to your big day, it’s not the only factor there is to it. Today’s featured wedding shows us that simplicity is key. CamZar Photography did a good […]