The Worldwide Weddings Hybrid Bridal Fair Puts You on the Right Track in Wedding Planning!

One of the most common wedding planning questions on every couple’s mind is: Where do we even begin? On top of all the details to make your dream wedding come true, you also have safety and health to consider. So, what should you prioritize? Which supplier should you book first? Is there even a way to make wedding planning more fun and less overwhelming? Luckily, Worldwide Weddings is here to help! A pioneer in creating hybrid bridal fairs, Worldwide Weddings puts you on the right track so you can head toward the kind of wedding you imagine.

The Worldwide Weddings Hybrid Bridal Fair Puts You on the Right Track in Wedding Planning!

From November 18 to 19 Worldwide Weddings will be at The Atelier & Co. in Singapore to share their expertise with soon-to-wed couples. Since it’s a hybrid bridal fair, brides and grooms based in the Philippines will also get to enjoy all the perks of a Worldwide Weddings event within the comfort of their own homes! Wherever you are in the world, Worldwide Weddings makes it possible and a lot more convenient for you to put together your plans.

While we excitedly anticipate the Singapore Hybrid Bridal Fair, we answer a few of your common wedding planning questions together with Worldwide Weddings! Check them out right here.

What criteria should we consider when choosing suppliers?
We would always recommend choosing trusted and reliable suppliers. To get you started, you can join online wedding groups and communities to read credible reviews from real couples. But to seal your decision, it’s equally a great experience to talk to the suppliers themselves. That’s why the Worldwide Weddings Singapore Hybrid Bridal Fair brings you much closer to a variety of awesome suppliers. You can have meaningful and informative conversations, and learn for yourself how they can contribute to bringing your plans to life. This is also an opportunity to discover new suppliers who have the ability to align with your wedding vision.

If my partner and I are based in different countries, how do we plan our wedding?
This is where the hybrid aspect of the bridal fair comes in! An online platform is accessible simultaneously with the in-person event. Whether you’re in different cities or continents, you and your partner can join the Singapore Hybrid Bridal Fair together! No need to buy tickets and work around your schedules just to book a trip. Experience the ease, convenience, and thrill of a fair with just a few clicks.

How can we stick to our wedding budget?
Ah, the wedding budget! Expenses can get slightly out of hand when there are so many details that are distracting you. There are pros and cons to searching for pegs online, because the more “ideas” you find, the more you are tempted to spend on those items. One of the best ways to maximize your budget is by availing good deals and discounts. Part of the perks of joining the Singapore Hybrid Bridal Fair is enjoying exclusive promos from the suppliers! You’ll get great value for your money while being able to choose the wedding details that will truly make you happy.

And who knows? You could be the next bride to win the Worldwide Weddings grand raffle prize of P100,000! Attending the fair earns you an entry to the raffle. Lucky couples have already brought home the coveted cheque. So, don’t miss out!

Where do we find wedding ideas and inspiration?
Attending the fair will already fill you with a good dose of inspiration! Suppliers will have their work and portfolios on display for you to peruse. Photographers, Designers, Florists, Caterers, Stylists, and many more will be there to lend you their expertise and creativity. So, go ahead, ask a lot of questions, and browse their brochures. Worldwide Weddings will also be hosting a series of wedding planning talks during the two-day fair. You’ll get to discover more ideas, along with professional tips, from the specialists themselves!

How can wedding planning be less stressful?
Trusting the experts! Worldwide Weddings brings over 20 years of experience and passion for events all in one fair. You can be sure they know what couples need to make wedding planning as smooth as possible. Another tip is to make a date out of attending the event! Enjoy the experience of making decisions together and discovering the ways you can celebrate one of the most special days of your life.

Whether you’ll be attending in-person or online, entry to the Singapore Hybrid Bridal Fair is for FREE! Just be sure to sign up here and get ready to start an exciting wedding planning journey.

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