13 of the Punniest Wedding Hashtags We’ve Seen So Far

I was going through our Bride and Breakfast Instagram page one day, when I came across an old #bnbwedding chat post. We asked you what your wedding hashtags were, and I was so amused with your answers, that I just had to share some of them! I will tell you now that I am a […]

8 Signs You’re Single But Totally Love Weddings

You know what your wedding dress will look like. You already have the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. You have the perfect venue in mind, and you even know the band you’ll call for your wedding entertainment. You’re pretty much set, right? Well, there’s just one teeny tiny thing missing. The groom. No, not even […]

These Valentine’s Day Food Bouquets Are Totally AWESOME!

“Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you,” would be much better if it was actually “Bacon is crispy, chicken nuggets are yummy, cupcakes are sweet, and so is my honey.” RIGHT??? Now, if you’re a girl (or guy) who appreciates a good bouquet–oh, I’m sorry, did I say good? […]

#BNBHUMOR: Check Out These Funny Marriage Quotes From Famous People

Hello everyone! If you’re taking a break from wedding planning, are coming down from your wedding high, or simply just want something light and fun to read, we’ve got something for you. Sure, we’ve heard the saying that marriage isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but really, what is marriage anyway? What happens in a marriage? […]

These Brutally Honest RSVP Cards Will Make You LOL

One of the things that guests forget to do when they receive a wedding invitation is to actually respond. Yep, it seems simple, but more often than not, some guests just either show up without saying yes, or neglect the invite altogether since they’re not going anyway. It leaves the soon-to-weds confused, and more importantly, unprepared! […]