9 Types of Bridesmaids You Can Find in Every Bridal Party (In GIFs!)

Ah, bridesmaids. Your nearest and dearest friends and family mixing together to form your bride tribe. Sometimes they’re great; other times, not so. But you love them all anyway! Hopefully you put together a mix that suits you as a bride, but bridesmaids definitely come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most common stereotypes. If you recognize your bridesmaids in this list, let us know!

9 Types of Bridesmaids You Can Find in Every Bridal Party (In GIFs!)

The Conservative One
Obsessed with tradition, doing things the right way, and not letting go of any part of what every wedding “should have.” She likely wants your gown to cover every inch of flesh on your body and won’t let you wear anything with a slit, but you love her because of her attention to detail and because she gushes over all things wedding, wedding, wedding!

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The One Who’s All About The Bachelorette Party
This girl loves to party and knows just how to throw a great party too. In fact, she’s been planning your bachelorette party since the moment you asked her to be your bridesmaid!

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The One Who’s Single and Ready to Mingle
She loves you, sure, but for her your wedding won’t just be about you. She’ll likely see it as a chance to meet some new single guys from the grooms side (or your family).



The One Who Thinks She’s The Wedding Planner
This bridesmaid doesn’t just involve herself in wedding planning–she takes charge! It’s great because she’s into it, but it’s not-so-great when she thinks her way is the only way. Remind her who the bride is from time to time and you should be fine!

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The One Who’s Always Crying
That friend of yours who’s moved to tears by everything from the the selection of linens for the reception to the first dance and cutting of the cake. Position a photographer by her for the ceremony so you can remind her how much you made her bawl in 10 years.

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The One Who’s Always Running Late
This friend’s utter lack of punctuality always makes for a funny story. But with so much on the line in wedding planning, it’s a little less cute. There’s always one of these of girls in every group!

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The Budgeted One
You may have to be sensitive about this kind of bridesmaid, as the job can be quite the burden on the pocket. Offer to help pay for certain things like the dress or perhaps accommodations if the wedding is out of town.

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The One Who’s Dying To Get Married
She loves you but would steal the ring right off your finger if it weren’t attached to the wrong man!

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The One Who Would Do Anything For You
The bridesmaid every bride deserves. She’ll run errands for you, give you honest advice, fight fires for you, and even tackle other brides-to-be who stand in the way of you and your dream dress. You’ll likely return the favor by being the same type of bridesmaid for her when the time comes, too.

TV Show: FRIENDS | Producer: David Crane & Martha Kaufman | via GIPHY


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